Should universal healthcare be created in the United States?

  • Universal healthcare could prevent the deaths of thousands

    In 2009, A study by Harvard University discovered that 45, 000 people die annually because they can't afford healthcare. While this number has decreased over 10 years, It's still shocking that without Obamacare and Medicare, This number could've been much higher in recent years. The USA is also the only member nation of the OECD not to have universal healthcare.

  • A Better Way

    It would be beneficial for our nation to have some type of universal health care available. However there are many drawbacks, Primarily expense.

    First: Having the government manage health care is absurd. Government is not about efficiency or caring - government is about government.

    Second: Why should I pay (my taxes) be used to pay for those who refuse to work or those who abuse themselves (drugs)?

  • Universal healthcare is negative

    Universal healthcare is too costly. It might save people but something would have to lose funding in order for this to happen. For instance education. Education isn't the best in the United States and if you cut its funding, All children would be a lot dumber and the already boring school would be made worse. If there was Universal healthcare in the United States would have to cut something showing that there shouldn't be universal healthcare.

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