Should universal healthcare extend to cover even minor injuries such as subluxation of joints?

  • Yes, universal healthcare should cover all ailments.

    I think that if universal healthcare is something that the citizens of the United States of America has then it should include all types of ailments including subluxation of joints. I think that the point of universal healthcare is to make sure that people can take care of their issues.

  • Small bills pile up

    The worst part about medical bills is that they often nickle and dime people to bankruptcy. As bad off as people are economically, it doesn't make sense to exclude certain types of hospital visits. Health care is health care and if someone needs to visit a doctor, there are serious chances for large charges.

  • I am sure it does

    If it is effecting people in a way that slows down there ability to work. Then health care should and does cover even minor injuries. Most doctors are not going to send people away and tell them to come back when they have a major injury. That would make them a bad doctor and would be bad business.

  • Affordable Health Care for all

    Universal healthcare should apply to absolutely all forms of healthcare that don't include plastic surgery or other cosmetic surgeries. Anything health related, which should extend to birth control and the unfortunate, but necessary, practice of abortion, should be covered underneath universal healthcare because being healthy is not a privilege but a right.

  • Universal healthcare should not cover minor non emergency treatments.

    Universal healthcare is not a good idea as is shown by the attempt to make it cover even the treatment of minor injuries such as partial dislocation of joints. This is right on the edge of requiring government provided healthcare for even minor cuts and scrapes that are simply part of the ordinary experience of life. We simply do not have sufficient resources to take common sense out of triage and treat every incident as if it was a major emergency.

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