Should universities ban 'Blurred Lines' for promoting rape culture?

  • Universities should ban Blurred Lines for promoting rape culture.

    Universities should ban Blurred Lines for promoting rape culture. The rape culture is way too prevalent at colleges and universities these days, and the administration of these places needs to take action to stop it before it gets too much out of hand. Rape is a big deal in college, and it should stop.

  • It's freedom of speech

    If someone wanted to found a "Murder Rights" organization at a university even that would be free speech. Of course murder and rape are horrible crimes which need to be prosecuted to the utmost but expressing a view approving of it is a person's right to free speech. Others may rightfully criticize the speech and even shun people for what they say, but governments and administrative bodies like universities have no right in restricting it.

    That being said people often react as though free speech meant freedom from criticism. It doesn't. Free speech even allows in fact it gives you the right to shun people for what they say and there are people who should be shunned for what they say. If you know a KKK member, or a member of NAMBLA I'd suggest telling them you want nothing to do with them.

  • Not a good idea

    I think this is a pretty crass music video, which sends out the wrong message, but we have the right to free speech (or free singing in this case). Banning music because you don't like the message it sends is not a good course of action in a modern world.

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