• College & University education worth NOTHING for modern jobs and financial success.

    College & University education worth NOTHING for modern jobs and financial success. Degrees are very widespread and almost all young'ems have them nowadays. Personal CONNECTIONS are worth much more than degrees in terms of getting a job. I have a Computer Science bachelor degree at a well known university (Like University of Toronto), And I still have spent around 7 months on job hunt during unemployment until i Landed a job. With hundreds of job applications rejections. And each IT job only lasted only 2~3 years on average In recent 2019, Each IT contract jobs posted lasted only 6 months. The pay on average is only around 50K in salary, Not much better than minimum wage jobs. Each job opening may have hundreds of other applicants. Modern University Degrees are are worth very little, Even STEM degrees too, All thanks to mass global wide competition, Extremely greedy bosses and mass outsourcing to cheaper countries.
    Me and my friends all got scammed and got loaded with student debs all thanks to massive greed of post-secondary education institutions. Overpaid rich professors & staff are too entitled.

  • Yes, universities should help there graduates get jobs.

    I have 2 cousins who have graduated university with honers and they are unable to get a job. 1 of them started working for their mothers cleaning company whilst the other works at a 2 dollar shop. It is very sad to know that if i go through university i may not be able to get may dream job. Therefore most universities are losing popularity because no one can start a job in the category that they studied with because there is no one to help them out, which is why i am starting to think that i don't want to go to university, because i will not be able to work once i leave.

  • Yes, places of higher learning should be more involved with graduates.

    Places of higher learning, both colleges and universities, should be more involved in helping graduates find jobs. Unfortunately, once students finally get out of school after many years of being in it, it can be overwhelming to enter the job market. Colleges do things such as job fairs, but this isn't always enough. Professors and advisers should write recommendation letters, suggest jobs, and do all they can to help graduates.

  • Yes, that is the goal of universities

    I believe that universities should take some measures to help their graduates get jobs. The reason to go to a university is to receive a higher paying job than you would otherwise. They don't need to make sure students get jobs, but they should provide resources for their students to be successful in their job hunts.

  • Universities should help their graduates get jobs.

    Yes, universities should help their graduates get jobs. Universities have more resources than individuals, through their alumni networks and business partners. They also have a duty to educate the student, and should be able to demonstrate the effectiveness of their education programs to the graduates by helping them get a job. And lastly, it will be a positive reflection on the university in the long run.

  • Yes, universities should be required to help their graduates find work pertaining to their degree.

    I think there are a great many degrees offered by universities today which are totally worthless as careers, and will do nothing to lead to employment. I feel that a university should be required to help every graduate find employment in their field. Perhaps that would phase out some of the more frivolous degrees that cost a small fortune but serve no purpose.

  • No it should not be the responsiblity of a university to find their graduates a job.

    Universities already fact massive challenges in preparing students for success in life. In many case this already goes beyond classroom instruction and training. So while university should (and almost all do) provide access to prospective employers and job hunting resources it should not be the responsibly of the school to actually find employment for their graduates.

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