Should universities in England be free for UK citizens?

Asked by: TGASRogers
  • D8 just can't make their minds up!

    Yes because they live in this country so you should be entitled to a good education. If people come from abroad to our universities it is their choice and so they should pay for it. If it was free everyone would go to university and then the country would end up in recession again or increased debt. This could lead to rioting etc. If they do pay for it the universities would be better as they were better funded.

    No if one group of people have to pay so should others. You choose to go to university it is your decision and so you should pay for it. I’m not bothered as I am not going to university anyway! They shouldn’t because it is part of their entitled education. It is the next step in your education so you need to pay for it to get better. No, but I do think it should be cheaper because the rich people go to universities and not so much the intelligent people.

  • We need to make education accessible to all.

    We don't pay for school so why should we pay for university. It makes higher education accessible to all. The government is stealing money because they are greedy, but education is not getting better. What if some one was very intelligent and could cure cancer but couldn't afford the fees. That would be a shame.

  • V5 think that university fees should be abolished!

    People who have got better grades should not pay as much. We should support talented students who cant afford the high fees. Maybe not entirely free but a lot cheaper than it is now! We think that we should pay something towards our education as otherwise we might not value it as highly. (Written by Micah for V5)

  • Mixed views, but they should at least be cheaper!

    Overall, D2 believes they should be free, but even those who disagree think they should be cheaper. If you are born into a poor family, but equally intelligent as someone from a wealthy family, you shouldn't be prevented from going to university just because of money. Equality is what Britain is all about!

  • E11 say emphatically yes!

    We think that of course we shouldn't have to be if we didn't have the choice - taxpayers should pay more as is the case in Germany. Perhaps fewer people should be allowed to go to university, it doesn't seem to be working as there aren't enough graduate jobs anyway.

  • B4 are split but majority say yes

    Reasons for no - in order to compete with top education authorities across Europe you need sufficient funding. If this doesn't come from fees it would have to come from the government. Therefore taxes would be raised which in isn't fair for those who do not go to University.
    Reasons for yes - If education is free people from less privileged background could succeed in later life without debt and contribute towards society. If people want to go to a higher class university as opposed to a lower class university they be willing to pay but a reduced fee.

  • N6 think yes!

    N6 think that they should be free! Money shouldn't affect your education. Just because some people have more money than others doesn't mean that they don't deserve to be well educated too! It's too expensive and nobody can afford to be paying off massive student loans for the rest of their lives!

  • D11 say wealthy people do more!

    You shouldn't have to pay for an education. Just because a family is more important or wealthier, they should not get an advantage with education. Poorer people could be smarter and more deserving of the education, but still wealthier people get an education, which is not at all correct. You shouldn't have to be paying off student loans for the rest of your life!

  • M9 say no!

    Tuition fees shouldn't be abolished, however they should be reduced. This is because not everyone can afford to go to university but lots of people want to go and are talented enough. The fact that tuition fees are charged per year means that the harder and longer courses become unattractive to students. We need people to be motivated to do these courses as we need the best doctors, nurses etc.

  • V8 think students should pay.....LESS!

    Making it free may encourage students who are not totally committed to the course they are taking and will go on to university for the sake of it. Fee's should be cheaper though as it is far too expensive! Students who really want to go to university would be willing to pay for it as it will help them with their chosen career path in the long run.

  • N8 Says NO

    We think that Universities shouldn't be free as the chances are: the resources, services and teaching would become poor. Also many people might go to University just because they 'they can' and therefore the impact of having a degree might be less important later in life. We think we should pay - but no where near as much as £9000 a year!

  • Too expensive- a contribution needs to be made.

    V9 believe that it should not be free, as would no longer be considered a privilege. In addition, people may take this as an advantage, and not be as focused on their studies as they are required to be. We think that if it is free, University's would no longer be viewed as a good four years of a students life if it was free, as it is a privilege to be educated at a high standard. Therefore we must at least contribute some money.

  • Should be cheaper but unrealistic that it could be free.

    It should be cheaper - maybe £3000. This is still affordable but can still support the universities. We would like to see universities available to people of all economic backgrounds to be able to go to university. However we were concerned that having no fees at all would leave universities overcrowded and unable to give the best education/facilities.

  • M4 says no!.

    People might not think about the value of the course they study so might just go for the enjoyment rather than to study. If anything, courses should be cheaper because no one ever pays it off anyway. What's the point in charging £9000? Fees help people to think carefully about the decision to go.

  • Shouldn't be free but should be cheaper!!!!!

    Reducing fees would mean that more people could go to university but the universities would still be compensated for their equipment.
    Some mixed opinion in E7, thinking that priorities should be given to UK citizens but on the majority decision is that we should pay some fees, not as much.

  • B11 say no

    We think that everyone should pay less overall for the education as we are the next generation. In addition, people who have very high grades but cannot afford to go to university should be allowed to get a scholarship or grant. Its good that people pay a bit so the university can afford to go on.

  • N10 think that students should have to pay for their studies, but that it should be cheaper than at present.

    We realise that somebody has to pay for students to go to university. If it is free for students, that just means that the taxpayer ends up paying, and given how many students there are across the country, that would be a very costly system. However, we do think that it would be a good idea if there was a subsidy for tuition fees, so that the cost per year is less than £9000.

  • Not free, but should be cheaper

    E4 have suggested that university should not cost as much as £9000 per year, but that there should be a small fee as the government cannot be expected to cover all of the costs. Everyone should pay the same amount, however - it should not be more expensive for people from abroad.

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