Should universities make public all academic work they produce?

  • Yes, it should be public.

    Universities are the source of great development in science and academics. The results of their work and research should be accessible to everyone. Universities wouldn't lose much money on this; the vast majority of funding for higher education comes from donations, not from profits on academic work. Sharing work would lead to greater cooperation and greater developments for our society.

  • We could find cures to diseases.

    Universities should publish their academic work because college students are taught to think critically. A lot of research is through academic work and if a college or university finds the cure to cancer, AIDS, or any other disease, finding those cures would definitely benefit the human race and United States!

  • Knowledge Should Be Easily Accessible.

    We are in an age when so much knowledge is at our fingertips, but we have to have more open and transparent with academic work. They should share their information so smart people can use it and make our world better. We must find a way to push our lives forward, and the easiest way to do that is to put the information necessary in the hands of people that can change the world.

  • Yes, It's Part of Academic Transperancy

    Universities should make public all the research they produce, but they should do so with certain limitations. If a university is in partnership with the government, then some level of secrecy is permissible. After all, that could lead to issues of national security and military technology. Those cases are real, though.

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