• Yes they should.

    Universities should make their academic work open to the public. This is a very good thing. The exchange of information and knowledge is important. And even for people who aren't learning traditionally and who aren't earning a degree, this gives them a chance to be more educationally literate. It's a good thing.

  • Knowledge is power

    By doing this Universities would be able to reach out and influence millions of lives. People to some extent start to self educate themselves and possibly make a better life for themselves. They would still need to attend the university to get a degree or any form of real education but they might at least be able to learn a few things and help to make the world a better place.

  • Universities are run on money from the people.

    If people didn't go to higher education and didn't pay taxes to help support the schools then things would be different. As it is though, work done at a college should be public information since the public is what helps fund it. The public has a right to know where and for what reason their money is being used.

  • Yes, it should be readily available.

    Our society advocates transparency in government and health care so it stands to reason we would expect universities to make their academic work open to the public. Universities are not mystical, arcane entities, but rather the bastion of higher education which we send our children off to. The public would benefit also by becoming familiar with a universities work.

  • No, Universities shouldn't make their academic work open to the public.

    Universities are private institutions. At no point should they ever make their academic work open to the public since it is not a right for the public to see it or know about it. I think universities should have the right to decide for themselves what information and data is made for public knowledge.

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