• Yes it is good for university education to be compulsory.

    Most engineers in this country earn big but when they have gone through many experience like 3 years apprenticeship then one they are qualified they can earn any where from 75k up it around 95k
    So that is why I say that university education is compulsory highschool people are manual workers.

  • University is not for everybody and compulsory going into debt should not be encouraged in society.

    University is not for everybody, College is not for everybody and neither are degrees. Do graduates make more? Yes in most cases, But situations are vastly different for everyone. Community college is also a very valid option right out of high school instead of university as it saves a lot of money and if the student wants to stop after two years they have something to show for it with an associate's degree. (I think community college should be free honestly, Its already so cheap). People may also be more interested in technical and trade fields which also can make a lot of money without any university, Instead with just experience or certifications. Many fields such as technology fields are also gradually moving towards no degrees required because they found that university graduates don't know jack s*** about most jobs they studied for and are conditioned babies if they did not intern. (I make 80k in this field, No degree only certifications and I have never had student debt)

    Education is one the most expensive things a person can pay for. I know many people much older than me who are still paying student loans. High school students are told to go get that Bachelor's or you are failure, Which leads to these students pursuing useless degrees and wasting money. 57% of students don't finish college in six years and 33% drop out completely. Too bad those loans don't magically go away huh? Only around 35% of adults have a bachelor's degree. Those who dropped out were not given these many other choices that could have been a better fit for them. It is tough luck for them since they were conditioned to the system and generally have to pay the price.

  • University should not be compulsory.

    University should be an equal opportunity for everyone, Yes. But I believe people should have free will when it comes to choosing whether they want a higher education or not. Rather than making university compulsory we should make it free of cost and make enough universities available, So everyone who has passed their secondary education has access to it and it's not a matter of only the highest qualifying students being able to get in. Higher qualifying students tend to be people who were born into better families with more income, So I think it's unfair if only very high qualifying students are able to get into university. But overall, I think there needs to be a deep systemic change to begin with. If people were able to afford the essentials without getting a job, Not as many people would have to get a university degree and this would avoid the problem of a lack of job opportunities. We live in a system that will almost always value a person who has a university education over a person whom doesn't, Even in low-paying jobs and the solution to that isn't giving everyone a university education, It's changing the system so that doesn't happen in the first place.

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