• Yes, university professors should have tenure

    University professors should be able to attain a tenured position. Tenure is usually based on a long history with the school and a record of good service while in their teaching and advising roles. Tenure also offers some job security and can garner more salary, but seems to mostly be a status title. Different universities handle tenure in various ways and there is no set path to tenure that is consistent across the country.

  • Yes, I think university professors should have tenure.

    Tenure is a good thing to have for university professors because it allows the professors to stop worrying about job security and put more focus on the quality of education he is giving his students, I think overall only the most qualified teachers should get tenure but I believe tenure is a thing that university professors should have.

  • Yes, university professors should have tenure.

    I think that university professors should have tenure. I do not think that they should be immune to such a process should it be found that they are not performing their jobs to the expectations set by a university or college. It would be only fair like any other job.

  • An old idea that could use serious revision

    Many of us elect to go to board certified doctors and some even seek out auto mechanics with periodically renewed credentials. Tenure as I witness from the student's chair offers some professors to become complacent. I watched first hand as my now ex-wife ran the tenure track and note that she described it as a race with no mile markers or stop watch. She said you produce and produce and produce to one day face a qualitative review that might just vote you off of the island regardless of how much sweat equity and mental calories you invest. But once she made tenure she practically went the other way. Like Christmas and Easter Catholics who show up twice a year she now does what appears to some as the bare minimum by taking a sabbatical and essentially farming herself out to other universities as a visiting professor. Right now she has a few years working for a government agency in DC...And still draws full professor pay from her land grant university in Raleigh NC. I use her as an example because it's easy. It is how I see at ground zero.
    I think professors should be on contract and subject to some type of periodic review. The tenure system is out dated and too expensive.

  • I Don't Like Tenure

    I do not believe tenure should exist in academia. I think it is an archaic process that allows professors to stay in place beyond a time when they are still useful to students. I think all teachers should be subjected to the possibility of losing their position based on performance.

  • University professors should not have tenure.

    University professors should not have tenure. It sometimes leads to complacency. I believe their should be a reward system for years of teaching at the same University; however, there should also be a system in which long-term employees are rated based on their merit. Just because a teacher has tenure does not mean that he or she continues to be a good educator.

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