Should unmanned aerial vehicles be used to strike terrorist targets?

  • They are the enemy

    It will save lives by gathering more accurate intelligence and will allow us to not endanger the lives of our soldiers. Imagine going into a town knowing where every enemy soldier was, or where the exact location of your target was. that kind of intel saves lives, time, and money.

  • Unmanned aerial vehicles should be allowed to be used in terrorist target strikes.

    It would be a bad decision not to use this technology to strike targets that are known terrorists. It reduces the loss of life for the good guys and how can that not be bad? People should be more worried about who controls the drones and how the government is going to handle targeting Americans.

  • They should indeed

    I think that unmanned aerial vehicles are one of the best weapons that we as a country can use in the war on terror and to kill terrorists. They have proven themselves to be very effective and as such should be used as much as they possibly can in order to help us.

  • With Some Doubt

    Although I do agree that human lives should not be utilized in aerial combat and risky intelligence flyovers, you do have to look at the cons of one of these aircraft (intact) being analyzed by the enemy. The American Judicial System is based on decisions made with no doubt in mind. Say the enemy pieces the art of UAV engineering. Shall we be doomed to our own technology being used against us? To stay on the safe side, I would say no (for now). The future is coming.

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