Should unmarried and gay couples be able to adopt?

  • Losen The Requirements

    There are so many children that need to be adopted that I believe it would be in our favor to loosen the requirements for adoption. I believe it is fine for unmarried couples to adopt, as well as gay couples. Marriage does not mean the relationship will last any longer, therefore it seems like an unjust requirement for adoption.

  • What is best for the children?

    I do believe that unmarried and same-sex couples should be able to adopt. Here one must examine the crucial issue of the best interest of the child involved. There have been no studies performed to date that show that children adopted by married opposite-sex couples fare any better than those adopted by any other type of couples. Therefore, based on this, I do support the rights of unmarried and gay/lesbian couples to be able to adopt children.

  • If all qualification are met then it should not be an issue

    Yes, I believe that gay couples and unmarried couples should be able to adopt. With the number of children that no not have a home, there should be no question. There are many single parents so why would an unmarried couple be any different. Furthermore, if a couple, gay are straight, can provide a loving home to a child that has no home, they should be allowed to do so.

  • Not married by law, but "married" in that they can provide.

    If there is just the one criteria, being, that, a GLBT couple has a great way to take care of one child, boy or girl, and meets every criteria presented by an adoption agency, save that they aren't married, then they should be able to adopt without a problem, without a hitch.

  • Of course they should

    Couples, no matter their configuration, who can take care of a child in need of adoption should not have any obstacles put into their way. Why should a child be robbed of a family because someone finds the particular family setup offensive to their traditional beliefs? It is downright cruel.

  • As Long As Home is Stable

    As long as someone's home has a stable economic and family situation, anyone should be allowed to adopt with two loving parents regardless of sexual orientation. Heterosexual couples and homosexual couples should be allowed the same rights under the law if they can meet the same standards for adoption as married couples.

  • Yes they should!!!

    Gay couples should be allowed to adopt because if they are not we are being sexist and just because someone of the same sex this should not mean they are not allowed to have the joys of children it is very nice for them . Also it is very predjudice!

  • Only Appropriate Couples Should Adopt

    Only couples which can provide an appropriate environment to raise a child should adopt children.

    I'm not sure it's healthy for a child to be raised by a couple who aren't 100 percent committed to one another. If you're not willing to commit to your significant other, you may also lack commitment to a child.

    Same-sex couples could have a negative impact on children they raise too. The way a child is raised can cause it to make different decisions. For example, a child raised by a homosexual couple might be more likely to decide to be homosexual themselves.

  • I don’t think that unmarried and gay couples should be able to adopt.

    I don’t think that unmarried and gay couples should be able
    to adopt. The whole point of adoption is
    to send underprivileged kids to stay with stable couples that can give them a
    better life. Unmarried and gay couples
    are not at all stable. Kids should be
    adopted by heterosexual married couples.

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