Should US Attorney General Eric Holder apologize for his "the talk" speech?

Asked by: archimalakas
  • Yes, Eric Holder is poor with public relations.

    Yes, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder should apologize for his talk, because it offended a lot of people. Eric Holder is not exactly known for his public relations capabilities, and if his words confused or offended others, he should offer an explanation and try to smooth things over. Eric Holder should offer an apology, which would be appreciated.

  • No, Holder showed America a piece of truth about what it means to be black.

    Everyone seems to think that since slavery is illegal (even though human trafficking remains one of the top three trades on earth), racism is gone. This is far from the truth, and the reality of being a young black person in America means having to prepare yourself for a life of it. Eric Holder's speech was so important and requires no apology.

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