Should US citizens be required to hold health insurance?

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  • Car owners are already required to hold car insurance. Why should body owners not have to hold health insurance?

    When you buy insurance for your house, its because you don't want to pay an enormous cost for a sudden emergency. Theres still a chance that your house will be completely fine- but its the insurance buyer's decision.

    But think about having a body- it's practically guaranteed that you will get a disease in your lifetime. Do you want to barrel your way into the emergency room with a broken appendix and then go into thousands of dollars of debt?

    Apparently, if you're voting no on this issue, thats perfectly okay. But think about this- everyone is guaranteed to get sick, so all the people who are uninsured are guaranteed to have debt with the hospitals.

    Public debt is NEVER a good scenario- unless you're a banker.

  • Not having health insurance costs us all

    Everyone will need care at some point. It's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when. Likewise, catastrophic accidents/injuries happen all the time and because we guarantee at least a base level of care at most facilities, those costs are passed down to those of us with insurance. There's no free lunch and it's unfair to ask others to pay for yours.

  • Mandating Health Insurance is a Wiser Choice Overall

    Everyone is bound to get sick numerous times in their lifetime. Many doctors require health insurance to treat patients for even the most minor ailments. As a result, many people without health insurance flock the emergency room for common illnesses since they are required by law to be treated. Therefore, many people who actually need urgent help are forced to wait for hours. Also, the cost of health insurance would decrease drastically. Since health insurance is priced based on usage statistics, the price drops when more people are insured, even if they don't use it.

  • It'll ease bankruptcy

    Most people go bankrupt from the piling medical bills. If people had health insurance, it'll ease bankruptcy. At the end of the day, our health is all we really have.

    Countries with universal health care tend to have lower death rates caused by disease. Lower deaths from heart disease, cancer, and lung disease. The U.S birth rate is already at an all-time low, the least we could do is to keep our population steady.

  • Where's the benefit in non-mandatory health insurance?

    All United States residents should be required to hold health insurance. First of all, insurance costs and national debt will absolutely skyrocket if insurance remains non-mandatory. Without insurance, individuals will simply postpone any necessary checkups and preventive measures. They will not buy insurance until it is too late. This doesn't benefit those individuals, who are now faced with an ailment. This doesn't benefit other people, who are now plagued with the stress of paying for those who waited to buy. Isn't this situation best avoided? Also, many bankruptcies are a direct result of medical expenses. Can't these dying companies be saved simply by mandating health insurance? Lastly, coverage of all US residents can stop the spread of formidable diseases and prevent many unnecessary deaths. America thrives upon its people, and we want to save these people's lives and livelihoods!

  • Health Insurance is Important

    U.S. citizens should be required to have health insurance because it will help them if there is an accident or illness. Additionally, it helps the American taxpayers because if someone goes to the hospital and doesn't have insurance and doesn't pay their bill, the hospital has to pay for everything. They then pass on those costs to the American people. None of that is fair when we have programs like Medicaid and Medicare and other affordable alternatives.

  • "REQUIRED" is the problem

    Citizens should HAVE healthcare because they are alive. They should be born that way and they should stay that way. What kind of society could thrive if people were sick all time. People should be fed, educated, and protected from the environment, and kept healthy. How does a society do things like this for all of it's citizens? It collects taxes and then provides it. The society is REQUIRED to do that.

  • Why pay ?

    Some don't get sick!!! Why pay for something we don't use . Their is no point paying for health insurance when you go twice a year when you only get sick at least two times a YEAR!!! If you have a big family, lets say five in total . The cheapest insurance is 300 dollars! That's one full paycheck on a minimum paying job! That's messed up! People have kids you know !

  • We should join the rest of the civilized world

    And provide Universal Healthcare. The ACA is just like putting a bandaid on a gun wound. What we need is to throw away our for-profit health care system, and start all over.

    Other countries pay a lot less in taxes and get free healthcare, free education, a decent wage, and decent vacation time, why can't the richest country on earth do the same?

  • If you want to deny yourself insurance, you have a personal right to do so!

    If a person wants to refuse insurance for any reason (maybe he/she is healthy, doesn't want to burden others), he/she is within his/her rights to do so. However, hospitals should not have to foot the bill for those who willfully deny coverage. If you make the choice to deny yourself coverage when it's offered, it's on you to pay your own medical bills, not the government.

  • Freedom of Choice

    Mandatory Health Insurance is not something I agree with, I believe in personal responsibility and freedom of choice. The government has no right to interfere in the personal lives of the individuals. If a person elects to not carry health insurance, that burden is theirs to bare. It is a human right that no one be subject to medical treatment without their consent and it is nothing more than theft to force someone who has no desire to seek medical treatment to carry Health Insurance.

  • Absolutely, positively not.

    Requiring the possession of health insurance, in spite of what the supreme court says, violates our commerce clause and creates the biggest bond between the corporatocracy and government since the establishment of the military industrial complex. And we all know how well that's served this country over the years.

    On its face, the ACA is a terrible sham and is not only making healthcare less affordable, it drives down the ability of the economy to self heal. Employers are apt to hire less, cut hours and be willing to take the fines as opposed to providing healthcare - the benefits outweigh the costs associated with it.

    Forcing Americans to buy something, to effectively make a corporation rich, is un-American and disgusting.

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