Should US Citizenship be more attainable to immigrants?

  • Distorted views and twisted perception

    Have your seem the legal process to become a citizen? It makes the DMV seem fast and efficient. I had to wait two hours in the DMV just to get permission to get a form to return again. Appointments are booked for about two weeks.
    The legal process to become a citizen is purgatory and eternal limbo.
    It is very rigged and unfair.
    A rich man can cut in line and make his eastern European hooker a citizen and chain her family in a snap.
    A foreign Chinese oligarch can get in and have his children under visas and green card.
    Affirmative action is hurting the colleges?
    No rich foreign kids are clogging up the college admissions. And they work harder than white people and they get better grades than white people.
    And then those filty Cubans like ted Cruz and Marco Rubio got in because their daddies were connected.

    Normal People just give up and disobey the system and the law because it is corrupt. They do not suck up the welfare money white people do.
    Then mentally ill white people with a victim hood mentality scream that millions up millions upon billions of illegals are here and that they take trillions of dollars and they will ruin the nation. And that all immigration should stop and that the USA should be isolated.

    A distorted perception. The irony is that white people would rather listen to people like donald trump than to reason. Even though people like donald are what got us in the mess in the first place.
    I say America has about 10 to 20 years before it implodes on its craziness and stupidity.

  • Yes it should because many immigrants seek a better life in the United States.

    U. S Citizenship should be more attainable to immigrants because they want to make a better living for themselves. They want better job opportunities. They want better health care for themselves or their families. Immigrants help bring different working skills to the US. They are hard working people wanting a better future.

  • No they shouldnt

    Just, No they should not. The United States can not lower the level of people entering. The United States is one of the best nations of the world, And should not be a harbor for the criminals and beggars of the world. It is important that citizenship should not be handed out like candy.

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