Should US foreign aid be tied to recipient abortion policy: Is it fair for foreign countries to be denied aid because of their policies?

  • US foreign aid should be cut.

    US foreign aid should be cut regardless of their abortion policies. The United States is in a complete financial mess. We are getting further and further in debt with each passing day. We do not need to be focusing on foreign aid. We need to start focusing on the problems at home. The US needs to take care of their own before worrying about everyone else.

  • No, US foreign aid should not be based on abortion policy.

    No, US foreign aid should not be used as a way to change the values and belief systems of other countries through forcing laws into the country. Moral decisions should not be confused with giving charitable aid to people who need that aid. It is difficult to make sure the help that is sent to other countries gets to the correct people and adding another layer of bureaucracy like this will only make it that much more difficult to make sure US foreign aid gets to the people who so desperately need our help.

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