Should US foreign aid be tied to recipient abortion policy: Should foreign countries have to change their policies to receive foreign aid?

  • They should abide to receive

    I am pro life, and most of our country is pro life, and I feel like if we are going to be giving aid to other countries, specifically for medical issues such as abortions, it is a mistake, I feel like if they want money to do abortions they should get it themselves.

  • Foreign countries should not have to change their policies to receive foreign aid.

    Foreign aid is given for humanitarian policies. Poor starving people should not be penalized because of policy issues of their government that they have no control over. Give food aid will not promote any foreign policy over another. Helping people to survive will not promote abortions. People who are pro life should recognize that foreign aid is about charity and generosity, not necessarily supporting or opposing any specific policy.

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