• Do we want another Al-Qaeda?

    Do we want another terrorist group, getting to the power of Al-Qaeda? Do we want another terrorist attack on the U.S.? While their still only regional, we should attack while their are weak. Do we want ISIS to become globally like Al-Qaeda? Look at what Al-Qaeda is currently doing today, do we want to have to worry about an another Al-Qaeda? Plus it is no practically impossible to defeat Al-Qaeda because we did not act. We need to act on ISIS to prevent another Al-Qaeda

  • We need allies and oil.

    More reliable friends means less turmoil for us and our allies. The U.S. gets involved in everyones problems anyways it's as if nothing would change.

    Not only have you not looked at the World Wars and saw that we tried to stay out of them but haven't looked at that without us there would've been more bloodshed and when we go passive it allows small destructive groups grow larger and more deadly.

  • Would it be okay if catholics wanted to get rid of protestants? Like These ISIS sunni want to get rid of shia?

    ISIS want to rule the "Islamic religion" islam NO WHERE. As a muslim i can say, No where says use violence. THIS IS NOT PREACHING, YOU ARE NOT PREACHING PEOPLE. You are killing them. Its not right. And the US has to stand up for it, these ISIS men could get into the US and kill people. Its not safe. And we're humans, we are supposed to help humans. We have to help those who are losing their heads. We have to,

  • We Should Fight ISIS

    We should fight ISIS for these reasons: 1) It is a terrorist group in charge of the beheading of an innocent reporter.
    2) ISIS used to be Al-Qaeda in Iraq
    3) ISIS has made significant territorial gains in Iraq
    4) ISIS is targeting religious minorities.
    5) There are U.S. personnel stationed in the Kurdish capital of Erbil.

  • We should invade Syria

    I believe that air strikes on Syria against ISIS is NOT enough to combat this threat. ISIS has an estimates force of 31,000. Imagine this figure in the next 2/3 years! It is also estimated that it could take 3 years to actually eliminate this threat. 3 years! A land invasion by the Allies (UK, US, EU and other powers) is our best chance at eliminating this brutality. Look in the news and look and what this group is doing to this country! They're running riot murdering, everything in it's way! I was reading an article the other day where ISIS militants seperate the girls from the boys and rape them! Girls as young as 12! And you sit here saying that we shouldn't do anything?! Shame on you! A land invasion would allow us to regain control of the country and protect it's people much quicker! We could do this in a matter of months, not years. By the time 3 years is up that 31,000 could be double, or more! And the amount of people suffering with this is astonishing. I would put my life on the line to ensure that those people were not longer in danger and living in fear!

  • Are we at war with terrorism or not?

    ISIS is a terrorist organization with a grand plan of more violence. The U.S. allowed Al Queda a base of operations in Afghanistan which was used to attack several American targets killing thousands of American lives.

    The U.S. has declared war on terrorism... Is not ISIS a terror organization or not?

  • Do we want more innocent US lives to be taken?

    ISIS is making their way to take over everything and are starting to take over more of Syria, which means they are becoming more powerful and soon will be able to come to the US and put up a good fight, so why don't we just stop them while they are weaker?

  • America is a world power

    As a world power country, America just cant sit back and watch this defenceless country get destroyed to a terrorist group who will eventually be knocking on their door in a matter of 3/4 years. They have to help Iraq to take down ISIS bit bu bit until there gone.

  • Yes we should keep fighting ISIS.

    People may say that we spend too much and were losing too many men. But that is when we have to stop and think. Do we want to make allies or enemies, selfish or giving. And besides if we stop fighting ISIS now they will only take over the land again. That mean all of our 6.2 billion dollars will be wasted.

  • Help, not lead

    I do think that America should help the Middle Eastern countries in their war against terrorism. However, I do NOT think America should send ground troops to the Middle East. Doing this only gives more people for ISIS to kill and horrify some people, and recruit others. We need to help the countries not with troops, but with supplies.

  • No Ground Troops !!

    We will simply feed the recruitment for ISIS. I do not want to see any American soldiers abused on the News. The people in the Middle East should fight their own wars. The Iraqi army is a joke. We should offer asylum to the Christians and only be involved in rescues of minorities.

  • U.S. Should go fight Isis

    America needs to help If we don't stop the problem now then ISIS will only getting stronger and keep taking over more of Iraq and Iran. Eventually if we don't take action soon then ISIS will take action on the U.S. and attack us. We need to stop the problem before it gets any worse and evolves into a world crisis that no one can gain control over and stop.
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  • Should we help?

    1) who should we side with? We armed both sides and trained the Shiite side.
    2) The Shiite majority is oppressing the Sunni minority that formerly held power
    3) The only interest (dog in this fight) we have is to keep the oil flowing.
    3a) is siding with the Iraq government the way to do this?

  • Heart says yes mind says NO

    Unfortunatley the same people you would try to save has a majority of hate against USA. The very same skills and weapons you suply them with will, kill your grand kids one day. Past tells you the future. Let another country handle it this time, why is it always us? We constantly borrow money from China to support ourselves from our selves. We will defeat ourselves by trying to be the ones always handling everyone else's problems. You want USA to end all wars? Then demand them to tell all the religious freaks they are not going to heaven and show them the proof. Then all " hell" will break lose for a period of time bit I. The long run no one will kill for " their" made up " God" PS they will never make it here to cause that type of damage, because bully's only prey on what they can defeat.

  • Then next guy is always worse.

    My buddy from turkey warned me that we shouldn't take out Sadam.
    "The next guy will be worse." He was right. The longer we are there the more they hate us and the more momentum they get when we leave for a worse guy. Get out and stay and unless and until they attack us.

  • America stay out of it

    I know its sad to see the torture and killing of innocent people, but why is america getting involved? They ain't trying to help, they just want iraq's resources. Just another excuse for them to enter a profitable war.

    Whats happened to peace, love and care around the world? Its all evil, money and power now!!! The innocent that die in this world through torture, starvation, overworked and executive ways have seen their worst days. Us that are still in the peaceful parts of the world still have the worst to see. The dark dirty grey days are drawing in. World war 3 is coming.

  • No the US shouldn't help

    Case in point, what is happening at the moment is exactly what people were afraid of what would happen when the American and several other armed forces invaded Iraq in the first place. Also It was western intervention in the middle east after WWI, when under the treaty of Sèvres the allies broke up a already collapsing Ottoman Empire creating the current middle eastern countries with no regard and no knowledge of the people living in that region subsequently forcing peoples of different beliefs e.g. the Sunni's and the Shiite's, to live together, creating the current mess in first place, with later intervention in the cold war and the later decades by many western countries but particularly the US making the problems even worse than they already were after 1918.

  • We wont finish this war just like the last 4 wars

    The Last time the US finished a war is somewhere in the history books. The last 4 wars we "commited" to, we didnt finish. Vietnam, the Gulf War, Iraq, and Afghanistan. We are fighting on their playing field, and they needed to do was let our troops chase them through jungles and deserts. Just because we have military superiority doesnt mean we should throw more troops out there to get killed. Again. Let the Middle East and the Europeans deal with it until they promise to support US troops fully

  • Goodbye and Good Luck to Israel and the Middle East. Pull out completely, wait and see what happens.

    The generals of today have forgotten how to wage war. True victory lies in annihilating the enemy (and not with air strikes), not controlling cities. Effectively eliminating ISIS would require hundreds of billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of U.S. military personnel. Those two things are very costly and difficult to obtain. ISIS has no naval or aerial capabilities, and no access to intercontinental missiles. They pose no threat to this country, being thousands of miles away.

    Let the Shiites and Sunnis continue slaughtering each other and Israel if need be. Once the dust clears, reassess the region.

  • We shouldn't fight Isis

    They're really just threatening us with the beheading of those people. They want to appear big and intimidating. It's only going to add fuel to the fire if we did fight back. There's really no use. The Isis is just like a little kid that wants attention. If we fight, it's just going to be a continues fight for decades.

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