• Yes, US Highways should be privatized

    US Highways would benefit greatly from being privatized. People complain about the degree to which rail and bus travel is subsidized in the United States, but that is nothing compared to the amount of money spent on highways each year. Many areas had thriving public train and bus systems before the federal government put massive spending into Interstate Highways in the name of national defense.

  • Privatizing ALWAYS Costs The People More

    The justification for privatization has become an antiquated argument - private companies do it better and more efficiently.

    But in the real world, the people at the top want to make a huge amount of cash… maximize profit. In the private corporation world, if profit cannot be maximized, then it’s a lost cause.

    On the flip side of the coin,when government does something, profit is not the motivation.

    Plus the Government doesn’t pay absurd amounts of money to CEOs and other executives. And finally, the Government doesn’t have to pay shareholders. It's a win-win for we the people!

    It's NOT rocket science!

  • Dumbest idea I've ever heard!! Private means for PROFIT.

    Any time the government has deregulated or privatized anything... It has always gone bad for the average citizen. We already pay for most of this through various taxes... The first mistake the govt. Made was getting rid of most of the people in the dpw's & or highway dept.'s in favor of contractors doing the work. Back then, their claim was that it would be cheaper & make things better... It became much more expensive & the roads suffered for it. I doubt the govt. Would get rid of excise taxes or the other methods they use to collect money to pay for the roads... And not only would we still keep paying for all those taxes...But, they would prob increase as well as us getting charged for other things. How about over the road truckers.... What would it do to them and the cost of the goods they transport every day?? What happens if the one who owns that area of highway fails to maintain it to a proper standard?? Who will determine what that standard will be?? What happens in the event of a big or bad accident?? Do the people involved get charged for down time of the highway?? Who maintains the rules on a highway..... State police & local LEO's typically don't have jurisdiction on private roads or would they patrol it acting as private enforcement officers..... And who would pay them..... As well as where would the money come for their pay?? How about our own military..... They often use the highways to get around.... We'd be paying extra for our military to drive on the roads... Who would pay for that?? What rules could the private owner make...Could they shut it down for a religious holiday?? Prevent people or groups they dislike from using the roads?? What happens if a foreign entity is controlling a highway and they become our enemy... What happens to the road? To me.... It is ridiculous to let a private entity own & control our roads. As with any & every time something is deregulated or privatized..... It might look good on paper or be good in the short term....But, in the long haul, it has always been proven to be detrimental to us and often far more costly. Do we really want to be at the whim of a private entity with regards to rules & cost of going on the roads we have already paid for?? I would also like to know what has happened to all the money we've all paid over the years for all this to be maintained??

  • No

    There is no real reason why they should do this. Traffic flow can get congested yes. But Even if these highways were privatized they would still be as bad. After all it is we the people who pay taxes to have these roads built. Why pay more? Seems a little unfair right?

  • It will bring no good

    If us highways were privatized, I think it would bring more harm than good. With privatization, the owners of the highways would be able to charge people that use it. This would be to help maintain the highway, since it would not receive money from the federal government. It would also be used as profit.

  • Freedom to Travel is American Trait

    The American highway system is one of the great accomplishments of the last century. Millions of miles of roads have been constructed so Americans can travel freely across the country. Many toll roads exist, but in general the American highway system should not be privatized. Public taxpayers build the roads, so highways should stay in public hands.

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