Should US Non-state territories be able to vote? (Guam, Puerto Rico, etc)

Asked by: LigerFangz
  • Yes they should

    If they are controlled by America by their will they should at least be able to vote who controls them. It would make a huge difference and would be so much more fair. They are given u.s. citizenship but aren't treated like u.s. citizens. How is that fair at all?

  • Make them states

    All territories should be given a referendum on either joining the us as a state or to be an independent country. Then, if state is chosen, all rights and obligations shall be given - including paying full income tax. Thought this was done in Britain back when the UN made that declaration ending colonialism.

  • Why not so?

    Territories like Puerto Rico are part of the United States, thus having voting rights. Just because they haven't been granted statehood doesn't mean you have to restrict. The USA is called the land of the free for a reason. Voting rights, basic rights. The voting rights don't have to be concentrated into the states.

  • They are part of this country.

    This country was founded on principles of democracy and republicanism. Why deny people in territories the right to participate in democracy?Laws and decisions made by our government affect the territories just like they affect the states.People in the territories fight our wars and pay our taxes.Why are we only discussing voting in the territories? Why stop there? Try should be made states if that's the will of their people.

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