Should US presidents be allowed to serve more than two terms?

  • Of course they should!

    If the American public wants the president to stay, then the president should stay! I would have thought this was common sense. By restricting a president to two terms only, they are potentially preventing the American public from getting the president they want, it's just stupid and makes no sense at all.

  • Yes, Presidents should be allowed to serve more then two term

    it should be up to the people how long a president stays in office NOT some stupid peace of ancient paper or antiquated ideas of a bunch of presidents who are long long dead.

  • I believe the US president should be allowed to serve as many terms as the people elect them to.

    A four-year term is nowhere near enough time to affect any real change in the country. If they are lucky enough to get elected to a second term then they might actually see a few results of their efforts. More than likely, though, the president that follows a two-term president will be from the other political party. This will most likely negate any change that has been made since most politicians? decisions are ego based shortsighted. If the majority of Americans are happy to keep re-electing a president then so be it.

    Posted by: BrianDj
  • Yess, Presidents should be allowed to serve more then two terms,

    because the President may be the best Presidentthe U.S. has ever had before so why would we only allow him eight years when he could be great long.

  • Yes, Presidents should be able to serve more than two terms because they could possibly be essential to our country and have to end their presidency just because the law says so.

    What if America was in poor shape and a really great president came along, fixed the country up and had us in the best shape of our history. Unfortunately, the president would have to leave after a second term and leave us with potentially detrimental change.

    One person can't be president forever and change will always occur, but extending a presidency to at least three terms seems like a good idea.

    Posted by: I33Iess
  • Yes they should be allowed to serve more than two terms.

    Yes , I agree that the US presidents should be allowed to serve more than two terms. The constitution of USA states that a president can serve four terms period. But the tradition and the practice started with George Washington who served only two term. And after him every other president served only for two terms. If a president feels that he is doing a good job and so do the citizens of the country US presidents should be allowed to serve more than two terms.

    Posted by: I0rFashion
  • If We Have a good president, he should be able to serve as long as he is doing a good job.

    President Obama is doing a great job. President Obama is loved by all the foreign leaders. He is loved by all Americans black and white. He is getting more support from Congress. He has a great sense of humor. Everybody loves him. They are the perfect family to live in the White House. I wish to change the Constitution to allow President Obama to serve another term. We love him.

  • Reelections

    They say that the day after his inauguration, a President begins his reelection campaign. This motivates the President to start working to favor the people immediately. However, a President who has been elected to his second term becomes complacent. He is no longer running for anything; his motivation is lost. Now, we can't implement this, as the slightest move in this direction will be shouted down as an attempt to build an imperial presidency. However, our founding fathers chose to not implement term limits in the name of democracy and equal opportunity. For economic progress and political fairness, it should have remained that way.

  • Why Not!

    I believe a true democracy is choosing a leader that the people want. Why limit a leader to only two terms if the leader is great? The people who are saying no believe that there would be corruption. However, presidents were allowed to have more than two terms before Truman, and there was no corruption in the elections. People who say no also say that 8 years is long enough. But what if those 8 years were the best years economically and politically? If the people like the president, then the people should be allowed to vote for the president for as many terms. Once the president makes mistakes or a better candidate comes around, then the president won't be re-elected. It's that simple. If presidents were allowed more than two terms, then this country would be doing much better.

  • Absolutely!

    As the Declaration of Independence states, we the people have the rights of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. Who are we to disobey the rules of our country? Why can the Constitution say that we can't but the Declaration says we can? We can also vote for who we want to be President- our government is a republic in which the people rule through elected officials. The president of the United States should definitely be able to run for more than 2 terms.

  • The Obama Administration Has Proven Themselves to Be

    Untrustworthy as well as a faction that promotes illegal behavior. It was my hope that Mr Obama would make positive changes. Upon seeing that New Black Panther Party and others welcomed and promoted, while Americans are unable to visit the white house.. Upon reading and hearing about promotion of illegal acts by businesses, I believe that Mr Obama has become a danger to America and to our society as we know it. When illegal behavior is promoted by the most powerful man in the world it is not a far stretch to imagine that intimidation and misdeeds may be undertaken on his own behalf. I believed in his power and in his desire to assist his country. Sadly many of those who voted for him no longer believe in his goodwill or his desire to assist in our country's growth.

  • Democracy, for the People

    We do not need or want a dictator. We are a democracy. The others on the hill need to be held to term limits also. Time to recycle and get new blood. Our country is dying from the trash on the hill! Sadly enough, the majority of the American people are letting it happen.

  • Checks and balances!

    Why? Because the government is already disturbingly corrupt. More terms for the President would upset the balance of this Country’s last saving grace, that being the basic aspect of checks and balances.

    If you are in favor of increased terms you might very well be a communist or a fascist. If those labels don’t apply to you then you need to open a history book and see what has happened in the last two thousand years of man’s governments and you would change your mind on longer terms. What we need to do implement term limits for Senators and Representatives. It’s criminal that these men make careers out of politics.

    This very concept of career politics is against the core of the Constitution. These men are supposed to be elected representatives of the people, for the people, and by the people, NOT Roman like Senators who do what they think is best for us.

  • The United States faces problems partly because Congress has no term limits.

    If we cancel out the 22nd Amendment to the United States Constitution, there could very well be a President who serves an extremely long time in office (Franklin Roosevelt was about to serve 16 years). I think 8 years in office is a good amount of time to get a lot done.

  • Third term presidencies would turn the position into a dictatorship.

    The longer a person remains in a position of power the more likely that person is to show corruption signs and use manipulation and fraud to keep that power. Power to some people like Obama hurts the country in all ways. This country was based on values and we have lost that in the teachings of or rather the lack of teachings of American history in our schools. History repeats itself if not taught to those that do not know.

  • This is America.

    This land is supposed to be ruled by a Democracy, not a Dictatorship. Who in their right mind would allow one person longer terms of power? George Washington didn't want a longer term because it grants power that is not intended for one man alone. Changing this would also be unconstitutional.


    It is in the Constitution for a good reason and should remain there, otherwise I fear we, the UNITED STATES may very well end up with a dictator. Some people do not understand how lucky AMERICA is that we have laws to help protect us from the wrong people elected to the most important branches of our government, with the PRESIDENT being first.

  • Eight years is enough.

    There is a reason people feared FDR. Too much power in the hands of one man is never a good thing.

    Just remember, it could also work against you. For every person who wants 4 more years of Obama there is someone else who wanted 4 more years of Reagan.

  • 22nd Amendment of the Constitution limits terms of the president.

    ALL elected officials should have term limits.
    "Serving" in any capacity within the government should be limited to prevent "career" politicians. To SERVE should be honorable, ethical and respectful to the Constitution of the United States. Dedicated conscientious and loyal men and women should be given the opportunity to serve. New blood and fresh ideas should keep this country moving in a positive direction and prohibit those who have only their own selfish interests at heart.

  • Term limits across the board.

    I am definitely in favor of the term limits. I don't care who or how great the president is. I also think that term limits should be imposed for congress too. There is no way for a person living that lifestyle to stay in touch with the real world and real people.

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