• Of course they should.

    US troops have been there far too long and the Afghans want them to leave because they think its taking away their freedom to live freely in there own country. Also, innocent lives are being lost in Afghans and also US soldiers are also dieing. So, I think its time to leave fellers.

  • Yes the US troops should leave.

    They have been there for over twelve years at this point, they should definitely bring the US troops home from Afghanistan. At this point lives are just being lost from our own troops, and innocent civilians are being killed from their country. We have fought this war for a long hard time, but it is time to bring them back.

  • Yes, they should leave.

    The war with Afghanistan was unnecessary. The world trade center bombings were carried out in secrecy by the USA government. They are only there for profit of the wealthy. The soldiers are in danger and many civilians are being killed. There needs to be an end to the war now, so the suffering can stop.

  • We have fought too long for us to give up.

    Afghanistan holds some of the biggest terrorist groups in the world. The reason we got into this battle is because of these groups. Think of the twin towers, the pentagon. These devastating tragedies could happen again at any time. We got into this war to rid the world of these terrorists, and we shouldn't leave until we have done what we have promised to complete. Also, do you know how much money we have put into this war? Stopping the war would basically be like throwing that money away. We would have pretty much thrown away millions of dollars and thousands of lives. We started this war, and we're going to finish it.

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