Should use of marijuana for medical purposes be legalized in the US?

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  • Should use of marijuana for medical purposes be legalized in the US? Yes.

    There is no question that if marijuana were any other drug, decisions about its medical use would be up to doctors and patients. Instead, today, the politics of the drug war intervene. Patients and doctors who get involved with medical marijuana face potentially grave risks. And government seems committed to maximizing the fear and uncertainty faced by those who might benefit using it.

    It need not be this way. Scientific and medical texts going back thousands of years point to medicinal properties for marijuana. Modern scientific studies, including six sponsored by U.S. states in the 1970s and 1980s, demonstrate that smoked marijuana reduces nausea and reduces pain for many patients, especially those facing cancer chemotherapy and glaucoma.

    More to the point, thousands of patients and their families and doctors have experienced and witnessed the medical benefits of marijuana. They have told others. They have testified at public hearings and appeared in the mass media. They have contributed to books and research studies on the drug. The phenomenon is real.

    Those who say the evidence is not yet good enough miss the point. The evidence is clearly good enough to make two declarations now: 1) decisions about marijuana for medical use belong in the hands of doctors and patients, and 2) there is no reason at all to subject medical patients who use marijuana for legitimate medical purposes to the risk of arrest, jail, fines, and public embarassment.

    Conclusion: Because current laws deprives doctors and patients of this freedom, and classify patients as criminals, all such laws should be changed.

    Science should be free to pursue more definitive data on marijuana. Doctors and patients can only benefit from such new information.

    But the political controversy that follows marijuana should not stretch all the way into doctors' offices and into patients' hospital rooms and homes. The drug war's generals should declare a hasty retreat from this front.

  • Medical marijuana should be legalized in the US.

    There are many scientific studies that provide evidence showing the use of marijuana is a safe and very effective treatment for the symptoms of many sicknesses. Certain compounds in marijuana do things for users like lower blood pressure, reduce pain, anxiety, and nausea. The pros much outweigh the cons, and if a person decides to use cannabis as part of their treatment they should be allowed to do so.

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