Should users of test prep service Scoretop who paid to look at live questions to get an unfair advantage be penalized?

  • Cheating is a form of theft, and gaining an unfair advantage on tests is cheating, whether or not there has been payment made.

    There are several problems with this form of cheating. First, the unfair advantage on the test result and the unfair placement of test takers. This actually cheats the person who paid for the advantage, as well as the other test takers. Second, this practice renders the testing useless and unreliable. Third, It places people with an ability to pay ahead of those who do not have that ability. The cheaters should be penalized, at least by having to repeat the testing.

    Posted by: baltute
  • I think that Scoretop users who gain an unfair advantage by paying to look at live questions should be penalized, because this practice subverts the very idea of testing.

    Testing is done to provide an objective measure of the test taker's knowledge. Allowing someone that's being tested access to live questions defeats the purpose of taking the test, giving a result that is not an accurate assessment of the person's knowledge and skills. In addition, if access to live answers is not freely available to all, anyone relying on the test's results will be given an inaccurate assessment of the abilities of people with access to live answers, in relation to the abilities of those without such access.

    Posted by: SlashRoss
  • I agree that users of Scoretop should get penalized because it is an unfair advantage.

    I agree that users of Scoretop should get penalized because it is an unfair advantage. It is basically cheating. Also, it is like bribing someone to give you answers or write your essay. This type of action does not influence credibility and may stick with the student throughout college because they do not know how to do work on their own.

    Posted by: SecondNoel50
  • Users of test prep service Scoretop should be punished, because they were given an unfair advantage.

    By using this service, these student were given an unfair advantage over other students. This is effectively the same as cheating on any other test and should be treated as such. A test is a measure of how much knowledge you have acquired, not how much information you looked up on the Internet.

    Posted by: N_Farley
  • I believe that people who paid to get an unfair advantage should be penalized, as this gives them insider information, which not everyone has access to.

    Paying to see live questions is an unfair advantage and unethical. The scoring for this type of test is skewed when people get to look at live questions, because this gives them the opportunity to score higher. Higher scores result in an advantage for those test takers. I see this type of thing similar to the websites that offer students a "ghost writer", which is basically someone to write their papers for them, so they do not have to do the work. This is dishonest and shameful.

    Posted by: R04chIsi
  • Users of the Scoretop service made use of stolen intellectual property, in order to obtain an unfair advantage, and they should be penalized.

    The Scoretop service stole intellectual property from the GMAC, and then resold that information to customers. It was well known within the academic community that Scoretop was doing this, and GMAC's position was similarly known. Further, the courts have ruled unambiguously that Scoretop's service of providing "live" GMAT test questions to be illegal. Those students who paid for such stolen property deserve to be penalized. Students seeking admission to a graduate-level business management program should be held to a high standard of professional business conduct, and making use of such a service does not meet acceptable ethical standards.

    Posted by: AdamantDominick41
  • Users of test prep service Scoretop who paid to look at live questions to get an unfair advantage should be penalized, because it is unethical for them to get a higher score due to that.

    It is unfair that users of test prep service Scoretop should be able to look at live questions in order to get an unfair advantage over other people, and they should be penalized for such an action. It is not right that people can pay to get a better score on a test.

    Posted by: MannP4rk
  • Yes, users of Scoretop should be penalized, because they cheated.

    Unless all of the other standardized test takers had access to live questions, those that did obtain these answers should be punished. Their scores should be made null because they broke the testing rules. The test-takers are responsible for their choice, and since they chose to abuse their privilege, they should be punished. Do graduate schools want people who cheat in order to succeed? I think that they would prefer students who do their own work.

    Posted by: R4yCher
  • Yes, users who got an unfair advantage by using Scoretop should be penalized, because they cheated.

    Users who got an unfair advantage by using Scoretop should be penalized, because they cheated. Cheaters should be penalized without exceptions. At the very least, these people should be forced to take another test in which there is no way for them to gain an unfair advantage over test takers who don't know about, or don't wish to use, test prep services like Scoretop.

    Posted by: R3ciP3Saye
  • Test-takers who had access to live questions in advance sought to acquire a massive, unearned advantage over other test-takers and should be punished for this breach of fairness.

    One has to learn a broad array of information and master many tasks in order to be reasonably prepared, and even then one can find oneself surprised upon encountering the actual exam. Its measure of unpredictability is one of the ways the test is designed to more accurately assess student skills and knowledge, as well as to motivate students to study a broad range of relevant material. Students who have seen actual, forthcoming test questions will be able to focus their studying far more efficiently and effectively than their peers. This advantage is unearned and unfair, and for that reason alone deserves punishment. But this form of test preparation also can be seen as undermining the validity of the test, that is, its already-imperfect ability to measure what it intends to measure. After all, since the unpredictability of the questions contributes to the need for comprehensive preparation, it facilitates a broader learning process. Conversely, students who are studying for the particular test they will take by having seen the questions are engaged in a much narrower task of preparation that involves more memorization and less learning than their peers, although the opposite will appear to be the case.

    Posted by: M4I4cFeIine
  • I do not believe these users should be penalized for utilizing a legal service.

    Scoretop is a legally owned and operated service that provides test prep for students that need help for testing. There are many similar sites available all over the world, on and off of the web. Just because the service you use shows you some live questions it does not mean you should be penalized for it. The service is available to all and if some chose not to utilize this available service then it is not the fault of anyone else that they may have lower scores.

    Posted by: StevyDemon
  • If a student can memorize the answer to a question, then that means they partially know the material, which is the point of testing.

    I don't see a problem with it. When I took state exams there were a lot of questions meant to trick me. If I knew what some of the questions would be beforehand, that would better prepare me for what to expect.

    Posted by: RayEar

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