• Utilities should be privatized only when being fair

    At the moment, I believe utilities should be privatized. If they ever spiral out of control in the future and the companies charge outrageous prices, then the government should step in or put boundaries on the utility companies. Some utility services like smud have gone up over the past 10 years, but they are still working fine and people who have a hard time paying get help from the government.

  • Utilities Be Privatized

    I personally think that utilities should be privatized because that is an individuals personal business as well as another individual might consider messing with that individual utilities. I personally think that utilities should be privatized because of society and how in the past it has affected so many people's utilities.

  • They would be better.

    Yes, utilities should be privatized, because there would be more of an incentive for the private company to do a good job. The post office is going broke, but UPS and Fed Ex are still in business. The same would be true if we opened up utility companies to privatization. They would do a better job for less.

  • yes they should

    Yes, I think that utilities should be privatized, because it would be a way for companies to compete, so they could have a lot cheaper prices for their customers, and we would not simply be at the mercy of the government, who can charge whatever price that they want to.

  • Utilities are privatized.

    Having utilities like power and sanitation privatized allows for the market to compete and inspires innovation through the invisible hand theory. The government still maintains pricing and availability regulations. The expectations of services is not voluntary. Once a utility provider is given the responsibility of the service required of a citizenry, it is just as much the responsibility of the government to ensure satisfaction of the customer as the private company.

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