Should utilities, Not including internet, Be basic human rights? Is internet a basic human right? Should it be?

Asked by: Sepsaw
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  • The internet is as essential as electricity, Utilities are essential for modern society

    Many aspects of modern life require utilities like electricity and the internet. Being able to cook yourself, Reading and see other people in the night, And being able to apply to many jobs, Or communicate with distant people requires utilities. It's imperative for human progress for everyone to have access to these services.

  • The well being of our existence relys on allowing the brain to maintain a level of uniformity. It's right for people tohave internet, Water. . .

    Being who I am, I can say with confidence that humans need humans. Need humans. Not people that strip them of this earth's gifts. Homeless, Jailed, Temporarily broke.
    I am charged into extinction by society and their bills. Late fees, Penalties, I'm not
    Going to bend the knee.
    No one is saying give everyone humvees, Just allow their mind to stop trying to kill itself.

  • There are three questions.

    We must understand the difference between a "right" and a "privilege" While it is a privilege to have access to the Internet, It is certainly not a right, And it should not be. Perhaps the Internet should be "free" ( i. E. Zero cost ), But that is still not a right. Utilities are the same. They are not a right. Granted, There are reasons where they cannot be terminated for non payment because of medical or other emergencies, But they still fall under the privilege umbrella. You have to "pay to play".

  • The essential are what we need to live, Internet is not one of them.

    The essentials, Food, Water warm and cloths. Why internet is not one of them? Because you don't need it to survive.
    Internet is usefull, It can provide you communication, Recipe, Tips to survive but a humvees is as usefull, And like internet it give you tool to survive better.
    But unlike the basics need (something that peoples seem to have forgot) you won't die, You won't stop being in a comunity and like cars if its suddenly missing from your life, Its just gonna be freaking annoying (not like food and warm).

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