• For a child to enter a public school

    If you want to home school your kids fine, but if you want to put your child into an environment that basically festers disease you must vaccinate your kid. Vaccination has been one of the greatest things humanity has accomplished and any argument that says vaccinations cause autism/any mental disorder is absolutely unfounded

  • Yes, but only specific ones for specific age groups

    Giving children vaccines for lethal diseases, such as measles and mumps, should be mandatory. It would be cheaper to just buy the vaccine than get the disease. Illnesses like chicken pox arent always preventable with the vaccine. Those types should be optional. It would help control disease spread if everyone got vaccinated; lowering and preventing infections.

  • Yes it should.

    We should all get the vaccinations because it helps people with a weakened immune system to reduce their risk of disease and it also reduce the area of the pandemic diseases. It also protects you when you travel, because with the vaccines you won't bring back diseases that doesn't exist in you country.

  • Unless you have a good reason

    Like illness in the child, a weak body that might reject the vaccine and make the child sicker, yes. Vaccination should be mandatory. It helps keep the child and the people around the child safe. Not vaccinating the child puts the child and the people around the child in danger of contracting diseases.

  • Solves Free Rider Problem

    Vaccination has minimal risk to the individual and enormous public health benefits

    Vaccination reduces number of carriers of infectious disease, further decreasing infection rates

    Those that do not get vaccines free ride by benefitting from the vaccination of others without undergoing vaccination themselves.

    This is unfair for those who do undergo vaccination to reduce risk for themselves and the public.

    Therefore, Vaccination should be mandatory.

    *One might respond to this by saying that the people who get vaccines are benefitting themselves, so they have nothing to worry about from infection so there is no free rider problem. Problem with this is that they only have to get vaccines bc the disease still exists. When all ppl are vaccinated, this can result in the disease being eradicated, eliminating the need for vaccination. Moreover, there is still some risk of contracting the disease despite vaccination, and exposure to those who are not vaccinated and may carry the disease increases this risk. Thus, vaccination ought to be mandatory.

  • Cinema vaccination troubles.

    Recently , in my city . A person went to the cinema's , then a week or so later they found out they had measles. What happend to the children and adults who hadn't had vaccinations? They contracted the illness. I know this isn't a great thing to use an argument to put a permanent law on vaccinations but it can happen anywhere.

  • Vaccination should be mandatory

    E. Because
    of advances in medical science, your child can be
    protected against more diseases than ever before.
    Some diseases that once injured or killed thousands of
    children, have been eliminated completely and others
    are close to extinction– primarily due to safe and
    effective vaccines. One example of the great impact
    that vaccines can have is the elimination of polio in
    the United States. P

  • Sorry, that's also infringing upon my personal space and privacy.

    What next, forced birth control? Forced medication cocktails? Let's force tax on fat and sugar, and sodium and all the other junk in foods that causes a hell of a lot more damage to a lot more people all over the globe. Those who want vaccination can get it, those who don't have the right to take the chance. None of us have a chance of good health, though, with all the crap in our food.

  • No but highly recommended

    Consider the corollary - smoking will kill you, but is optional (allowed). It is foolish not to take certain vaccines, but as a person with the right to your own body, you should be allowed to opt out. This holds until you having the disease is a threat to others. Then your being sick isn't just your own problem. I'd say no in general - the yes comes from special situations.

  • It's rather unnecessary

    People should be free to choose what they want, and some may not want to get vaccinated, for their own reasons. Also, vaccines aren't very dependable and don't always work. They may sometimes be faulty and useless. It would also be pretty expensive to taxpayers and the government to have vaccines distributed to every single person, which can be cost millions. These all make mandatory vaccines unreasonable.

  • In a perfect world I would say no.

    As a libertarian I don't believe the state should be running education. A common argument is that to enter public schools a student must have certain vaccinations. I would say that in a libertarian society with private schools that each institution could have their own rules and that would be fine, but I don't think the state should make a one size fits all approach and coerce people into vaccinations.

  • Religious views and stuff

    Certain religious views apose vacinations, if you make it mandatory it would be breaking an amendment so we would become just as bad as barrack Obama himself, trying to take away our guns and forcing healthcare on the American people which i think is terrible, so if you make vacinations mandatory you would become just as bad.

  • I don't feel as if it is completely necessary yet.

    Vaccinations inducing other forms of disease are called provocation diseases. Viruses already in the body may become stimulated by vaccines and trigger an illness within the body. Chickenpox is an example of a provocation disease. It is extremely rare nowadays, but many still vaccinate against it. Once the chickenpox virus is injected into the bloodstream, it stays within the body for an indefinite amount of time. The virus can reawaken years later and wreak major havoc within the body.
    Mercury in vaccines is a theory that has not gone unfounded. Representatives from the CDC, FDA, and the WHO had gathered at a conference centre to discuss a study that confirmed a link between thimerosal (mercury) in neurological vaccines and neurological damage, including autism spectrum disorders. It took until 2001 to remove all traces of mercury out of vaccinations.
    People also tend to avoid vaccination if no noticeable benefits of it manifest. “A majority of cases occur in fully vaccinated populations.” (Neil Z. Miller 34) “In a 2003 outbreak of pertussis, 4 out of every 5 people who had contracted the disease had been vaccinated against it.” (Neil Z. Miller 34) In conclusion, people should not be vaccinated because the harms of vaccination outweigh the possible benefits.
    There will always be debate about whether vaccination is good for people or not. Ultimately, it should be the person’s choice if he/she wants to get vaccinated. It’s their body, after all. Shouldn’t they decide what gets put into it rather than the government? Although the vaccine has eradicated several diseases throughout history, it remains a controversial medical advancement, as some believe vaccinations benefit our health while others believe vaccinations harm our health.

  • No it should not.

    You should not have to alter your makeup on a microscopic level to receive publicly funded schooling that you helped pay for.

    You should not be able to hold a person accountable for the actions of independent micro-organisms. The person does not take ownership or liability of them like that of a pet or anything.

    You do not have the right to impress those types of controls on a person while also forcing them to contribute to your lifestyle.

  • Not at all.

    The government does not always know what is right. Just becomes something seems good for the population is not justification to have it forced on us. The government has a history of contradictions- banning trans fats and large sodas yet allowing the sales of alcohol and tobacco. Do they really care about our health, or about money.

  • Probably unecessary, probably unconstitutional , probably unhealthy or the opposite.....?

    I have heard many things from vaccine pushers and anti-vaccinationists such as "they are very good, safe, and effective and in days before there has been an out break of polio, measles, whooping cough and other diseases" and from the antis "no they are harmful and can cause severe side effects! And there is no evidence that they prevent any disease!" Well, if they are safe and effective and really prevent the diseases then prove it!!!!!! If they are harmful and ineffective the prove it!, because I am on neither sides until I see evidence!!!!!! And not words or quotes. But I still think this is a problem in this country about forcing people to get vaccinated against their will

  • Infringing on our rights!

    I believe that it should be your choice if you would like a vaccine or not. It should not be forced upon you if you do not believe that it is best for you, or your family. It infringes on our rights, and we should have the choice on if you want one or not.

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