• Of course they should.

    Vaccines are the most effective public health measure in history. ALL of the weird conspiracy theories have been debunked. Vaccines do not cause autism. Even when the vaccines had mercury, they did not cause autism. Do you see any smallpox around? I don't. Why? Because we used the smallpox vaccine to eradicate it.

  • No they shouldn't.

    Vaccines are just drugs sold to make a massive profit, despite the amount of damage it's done. They contain some of the most deadly (and disgusting) toxins and ingredients known to man (including mercury, formaldehyde,etc.) Diseases wipe out naturally, not through needles, like scarlet fever. And now they've created even more useless vaccines, like seriously; the obesity vaccination? That's not a disease, it's just a condition based on our diet, like most of the diseases today!

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