Should vaccinations be required in the United States?

  • Absolutely Not!

    Injecting infants, children, and adults with poison is attempted murder in any other situation, so how are vaccines any different? Because a bunch of paid-off "professionals" say so? A large percentage of the so-called "outbreaks" were MAN MADE and spread BY the vaccines! They alter your DNA, and kill your own body's natural defenses. Stop the madness!

  • Yes

    From a utilitarian standpoint- duh. Anyone w/ out a vaccination could become a carrier of that disease, thus making the spread of that disease MUCH easier to those who have had vaccinations.
    If people don't like science, well, tough luck, it happens to explain a lot of things. You may NOT use your religion or your freedom to take away from the general safety of the public or from any other individual. I.E. get vaccinated. I don't see how vaccination can possibly be against one's religious beliefs any way considering all the major religions were founded well before we even knew about bacteria.
    I am a religious christian and I approve this message.

  • Absolutely

    In order for children to attend public schools it is mandated that they have received certain vaccinations (PPD, Measles, flu). Also healthcare of any individual who has not been vaccinated affects over all recovery from certain diseases.

  • Yes

    It keeps us from all being diseased.

  • to the person who said "Not At All"

    This is in response to the respondent who said that flu shots are just to calm the fears of media hype- because she/he never once got sick. Listen to yourself. You got vaccinated. You didn't get sick. You are making an argument IN FAVOR of vaccinations. And, is Australia an 3rd world country? Their healthcare system was crippled because of so many employees caught H1N1.

  • The perpetrators of the spread of illnesses are the ones who foolishly refuse to get vaccinated.

    There may be minor side effects to a vaccine, unless you are allergic to it. However there is no conclusive evidence that shows vaccines are deadly. It is the fault of those stupid people who refuse to be immunized that diseases such as malaria are still around. If every human was vaccinated against those diseases, not only could we eventually become independant of the vaccine since the genetics of the parent would be transmitted to future generations, we could focus on more serious conditions such as AIDS and Cancer.

  • Community Health

    I don't care if your child ends up crippled from polio if you choose not to vaccinate, and the government has no right to tell you to do so. However, vaccination is not that simple. When you choose not to vaccinate your child, you put many people at risk who cannot choose. When your choice causes babies under 6 months to die, through no fault of their own, when it can be so very easily prevented, then yes, the government not only has the right, but the obligation to step in. In addition to very young children, there are many others who are put at risk. Vaccines work not only based on the immunity they provide to individuals, but they work based on a community level.

  • No vaccination, no leaving the house

    If states can make it illegal for a person to smoke cigarettes in a restaurant because smokers can cause health risks to others, why shouldn't they be able to make everyone vaccinate their children to prevent spread of disease. Not everyone that comes into contact with cigarette smoke will get cancer or die from some second hand smoke inhalation disease, but because there is a chance that someone may, lots of states have banned smoking in public establishments. How is this different from vaccinations? A child that isn't vaccinated can potentially become infected with a disease and then spread that disease to others. Eventually that disease can make its way to a person with a weak immune system and kill them. So basically by spreading that disease they have become a death dealer. I say if you don't want to vaccinate then you should be confined to your living establishment and not allowed to be out in any public place.

  • Vaccination is not a threat.

    The scientist who made the study claiming that vaccinations were a threat lost all of his degrees and was mocked by the entire scientific community. The only way to eradicate a disease is for 80% of a community to be vaccinated. The Whooping-Cough outbreak was due to the fact that brilliant parents thought that the vaccine was dangerous. The side-effects of vaccines are extremely well understood and claiming that any vaccine cause mental illness is absolutely incorrect and should never be used as an excuse to not be vaccinated.

  • YES

    They should because if one person gets a diseases then they spread it then more and more people would get it and with out a vaccination the whole contry could die off

  • No.

    If I'm ever forced to put that freakin' poison in my body, I'm moving to Ireland.

  • Definitely Not.

    Nothing should be put in your body that you were not born with.
    How do you expect to establish your own immune system if everything to "protect" yourself is just injected into your body. Also, the sicknesses mutate, so in actuality, you're never 100% protected.
    The best thing you can do is eat healthy and take care of your body. If it wasn't meant to be there in the first place, then why put it in your body?

  • No

    Because sure vaccines helped many years ago but today meaningless things are put into a single shot-a vaccine. We the people have a voice and if we are against vaccines why should they be pushed to us? There will be mobs and craziness if the government says we HAVE to take vaccines!

  • Appalled at anyone thinking that vaccination should be MANDATED!!

    IF there were no risks involved, it still shouldn't be mandatory. However, there are risks, PERIOD! No one has ever claimed that they are 100% safe, or effective for that matter. Not ONE person should be forced to vaccinate, to then in turn have a negative reaction, no matter how small. "Low risk" factor is so quickly used, and seems to hold so much weight in the arguments. But you will care if you or someone you love becomes part of that supposedly small percentage. 1 injury is 1 injury too many. To all those YES voters, you should do a little more research!

  • Individual rights matter

    Vaccines are not harmless, and everyone should have a right to choose for themselves or their children whether they wish to subject themselves to those risks. Vaccines have become much less about public health, and much more about corporate profits. Vaccines are a BIG money maker, and the manufacturers relentlessly lobby to get as many people as possible to have to take them. It makes no sense to artificially mess with our natural immune system unless absolutely necessary. Messing with nature will lead to negative consequences. There are way too many cases of autoimmune disorders, neurological problems etc. that need to be explained.


    people have there right to not want to get vaccinated. if someone doesn't want to then we shouldn't make them.

  • Potential For Harm

    Even though morally people should get vaccinations what if a vaccination were dangerous for some reason? Then it would be an atrocity if the government forced people to take it.
    Even if it's been tested, mistakes can be made.

  • Should Be A Choice

    In decisions such as vaccinations there should be a choice and individuals should not be condemned from such choice.

  • Absolutely not.

    It is against certain religious ideas, and some people simply do not support the idea, religious or not, thereby violating the first amendment.

  • Personal choices belong to the person

    Pretty succinct, and already stated, but a choice relating to a person, in this case, vaccination, should be made by the person. I think vaccinations are the smart choice, but that's for everyone else to decide for themselves.

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Dilara says2015-03-29T00:39:23.117
For anyone who voted yes look up the name marysue grivna. The girl was paralyzed from a vaccine.