• Seatbelts are compulsory

    I think vaccines should be needed to attend school, as a seatbelt is needed to drive on the road. Although I think we should strive towards the safest vaccines possible, vaccination should not be taken as a non homeschooled option. And lots of the chemicals in vaccines either 1. Occur naturally or 2. Pass right through the system.

    Posted by: H2O2
  • Of course it should be mandatory!!

    But only for people that can physically stand the vaccine. Like if you are of the right physical requirements, and age requirements. When someone refuses to get their kid vaccinated, i automatically think that the parent doesn't care about their kid or anybody else. I see them as stupid and irresponsible.

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  • Vaccines Allow for Herd Immunity

    By incepting dead or deactivated bacteria/viruses into the body, vaccines allow your immune system to learn how to fight that disease—so that if the disease ever returns, your immense system is able to recognize it and dispel it quickly. This is called active immunity, and it's what keeps your from getting sick.

    When many people are all vaccinated for a certain disease, so that all of their immune systems are able to keep them from getting that disease in the future, then that disease often fades away—this is called herd immunity, and it's how we dealt with polio.
    When some members of the 'herd' are NOT immune because they didn't take vaccinations, that allows the disease to return, which endangers everyone else in the community.

  • I think probably.

    All the science agrees that it's a good thing. I think people should have to do it if there kids are going to enjoy public services like everyone else. They don't have the right to endanger other people children which is what happens when enough people are not vaccinated. Everyone is entitled to there own opinion, but people aren't entitled to their own facts. The facts are in about vaccination.

  • Your Giving Up Your Inalienable Rights!

    This mandatory issue is just a scare tactic to get people to give up their rights. No one should be forced to inject anything in their body without their consent! First off, it's difficult to prove if vaccines, improved hygiene/sanitation practices or refrigeration is responsible for the decline of infectious disease over the last century. With that said, there is proof that the polio vaccine caused increased cancer rates for up to 3 generations after it was first introduced. There are also several cases where people have died from vaccines. The people that believe vaccines work should have nothing to worry about from the people that don't, their Vaccinated! The issue with this is that more often in the US it's the people who are vaccinated that still get sick.

  • While I am pro-vaccination I am against making it mandatory

    There are risks to vaccinations. Not the "it causes autism" risk that was debunked, but there are risks. Rarely there are bad reactions. That being said I would personally vaccinate my children because the risks are small compared to the risks prevented by vaccination. However, I understand why some parents might feel uncomfortable doing something that causes risk compared to not doing something that could've prevented a risk.

    Take this oft described hypothetical moral dilemma. There is a train about to hit four people on a track. They would be unable to hear you so you can't warn them about it. You are standing on a bridge over the tracks and there is a person big enough to stop the train if you push him over the side of the bridge. You know for a fact he will not be able to put up a fight and you know you won't get arrested. Do you push him off the bridge, sacrificing his life to prevent the four deaths?

    Personally I would not. So I'm not that different from those parents. I see bad coming from my actions as being worse than bad coming from my omissions. Most people do to some extent. While I think the risks from vaccines are low enough as to be an acceptable risk some people don't, and I don't want the government taking away the right to judge what is and is not an acceptable risk from people.

    Those parents who choose not to vaccinate should be an impetus to researchers to eliminate the risks that remain in vaccinations, so one day there can be a vaccine that is 100% risk free and then I will support requiring it for parents who want to send their kids to public schools.

  • Vaccines are not always the best for people.

    Personally, I don't think they should be compulsory. If you as a parent are concerned for your child's health, you should not be forced to have them vaccinated. For some people, it will make them worse off having the vaccine than not. For example, one girl had a phobia of needles and as a result of the stress having to have a vaccine, her mental health decilined greatly to the point she had to go to the hospital. I suppose this doesn't happen in many cases, but people should still have the choice of whether to have a vaccine or not.

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