• I think parents that don't get their kids vaccinated should have their kids taken away.

    I know that my headline sounds extreme, but refusing to get your kid a shot that has been proven time and time again to SAVE LIVES, or at the very least make being sick not so bad, not getting them this is child abuse. I honestly don't get it. It is Stupid.

  • Civil Liberties should be granted unless they harm Civil Rights.

    Vaccinations are not perfect, and by that I mean that they work best when everyone in a particular area has them. By exempting themselves from vaccines, individuals are not only increasing their own risk for developing diseases, but are increasing the risk of those who have been vaccinated as well. As vaccinations are intended to protect against the worst diseases and ones that are known to kill large groups, I see a pretty clear case for non-vaxxers infringing on the rights of others by opting out of vaccination. On cases such as smoking, another topic that is somewhat similar expressed on this site, I do not favor a nationwide ban, although there is evidence to show that allowing smokers to smoke publicly can have ramifications for others. However, there is a line that anti-vaxxers cross when they argue for their Liberties in this debate, and that line is the fact that they are increasing the public's chance for disease and death, not to mention an outburst of the disease. This is unjustifiable even when considering things from a Libertarian point of view. I will include another source that confers with me and goes into the point logically and with details that are difficult for me to share on this opinion poll:


  • It has been proven that vaccination protects the nation

    As being born in former Yugoslavia I was included in national health care system that included vaccination of toddlers and kids until high school. This included me and all my friends, my parents and their parents. End result was there was never any major epidemics among any group of people within nation. I never faced any major illness during my childhood and was protected against any bacteria and viruses that I might come upon as child while pursuing my childhood exploits. As for bad reactions to vaccines I honestly can not say that I ever met any person who could testify that. Nowdays when we live in democracy and we benefit free flow of information in this globalised world parents get to read all kind of nonsense about vaccination. End result is that now and then we have epidemics of various childhood diseases that kids pick from each other. Common denominator to all these occurrences is that in all cases includes children who were not vaccinated. Back then after world War 2 when my grandparents generation was vaccinated by government everybody were all to happy to undergo it as they saw it as proof that government was actually taking care in their benefit. Today when we live in democracy is ironic to say that communist/socialist governments of the past had far more interest in health of its nation that modern counterparts where health care is just something to sell to who ever gives higher price in order to pay debts.

  • Core vaccinations mandatory, optional extras

    Cholera, Polio, measles, mumps, rubella, meningitis, etc. should all be mandatory. If families can't afford them, then have medicare give them cheap/free immunizations. It's the easiest national insurance policy against the rise of "old" diseases that still pose a threat to the young and elderly. You will start to see more cases of these previously eradicated (but still deadly) diseases if you skimp on it.

    Now, the more risky vaccinations like for smallpox, anthrax, etc. are really only for researchers and military personnel. Totally optional as long as your job does not require it.

  • Certain vaccines are necessary. Others will depend

    Ok look, some vaccines are needed. Like the polio vaccine. When it first came out and successful it saved many lives and nearly eriadicted the disease like small pox. I'm sure every person would need that as the disease itself is very crippling and has no set cure and if you were to get it/ child get it you/ will be f$&@@.
    Of course other vaccinese like the controversial gardisil and some flu vaccines which seem ineffective should be up to the individual but the basics like the polio vaccine should be mandatory.

  • Everyone reacts differently to vaccines

    It's not a one size fits all as the vaccine manufacturers pretend it is. For some people the side affects of a vaccine are extreme. Last time I got one I became ill and was advised by my doctor not to take it again. Some people like 9 year old marysue grivna in Florida become paralyzed. Victoria christener in Tulsa Oklahoma died at 6 months from vaccines. Remember vaccines still contain aluminum and mercury both of witch cause brain damage. Dr Chris shaw did a study with mice and found that mice who were given more mercury aluminum got cognitive and physical injuries. His study hasn't been debunked because no one can debunk it. Last summer William Thomas a former researcher at the cdc blew the whistle and released findings that the mmr vaccine increased young boys risks or getting autism by 340% if they took the vaccine to young. This part of the study wasn't published in 2004 to deliberately cover up the fact tagged vaccines cause autism.

  • There are some people who have very bad reactions to vaccines.

    I would have to agree that in most situations, vaccines outweigh the negatives. But for some people, the negatives don't outweigh the positives, especially when they have had complications with other vaccines. An example of one such person Nancy Jaax, worked at a Biosafety Lab. To work in a biosafety level three you needed to be vaccinated for everything in the lab. Nancy Jaax couldn't get vaccinated without negative reactions so she had no chance of working in biosafety level 3. Instead she had to try to get into bio safety level 4 since the diseases there had no vaccines or cures.

    If vaccines were made mandatory, people who have horrible reactions with vaccines like Nancy Jaxx would be force to do something that makes them sick and possible even kill them.

  • One size fits all doesn't work

    Having a overly simple one size fits all solution is great in principle, but doesn't work in the real world. For a mandatory vaccination law to actually be even kind of a good policy decision, it must include exemptions for religious objections, health concerns. Even then, I wouldn't support it. In the real world, it makes much more sense for parents to make choices that best benefit their own kids, rather than mandating a one size fits all solution.

  • Never a mandatory

    Who would pay for it?
    Are there exceptions for allergic or any form of "incompatibility"?
    It should be highly recommended, and support around it should be more or less mandatory. As in if they were to say no, they need to understand all the risk and reward.

    Btw your supposed to feel a little sick after a vaccination, that's usually how it works.

  • This is a Direct Violation of Medical Ethics

    According to the ethical standard of consent, healthcare providers cannot provide any form of treatment unless the consent is implied or expressly given by the legal guardian of the child in question. Therefore, if a parent or legal guardian does not wish to vaccinate their child for any reason, whether it be religious, health related, or out of fear, we cannot force anyone to consume healthcare they do not want.

    Obviously, there are exceptions for people who are unresponsive or suicidal. These people we assume would want our help if they were in the proper state of mind.

    But just because someone's opinion is different from our own does not mean they are not able to make decisions for themselves.

    Although I believe vaccinations are a good thing, it is the responsibility of the healthcare provider to convince the parent or guardian that treatment by a vaccine is the best option for their child. Therefore, we should do our best to educate those who refuse to have themselves and their children vaccinated and do our best to convince them, but we should not force them to adopt our point of view.

    We must respect that others may have different opinions than ourselves, even though we may disagree with them.

  • Many Health Risks

    I do agree that shots are beneficial for the majority of people. But for some shots, people with egg allergies are not supposed to receive it. If vaccinations become mandatory, than what would these people do? If they get the shot, they could go into anaphylactic shock, which is life threatening. On the CDC website, it says for each vaccine which people should not receive the shot. For this reason, no one should be required to be vaccinated if it could cause harm to them.

  • It shouldn't be mandatory

    I know that vaccines are good for people, but too much of it can be bad for you. Since in some vaccinations there is a little bit of the disease, so if you take the same vaccination 30 times, you could probably get the disease yourself. So I say vaccinations shouldn't be mandatory but can get them if there is a flu and it's required for schools.

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