• To stop the spread

    It should be mandatory, As it will slow the spread of deadly viruses and allow us to be better prepared for future pandemics. Imagine how much easier it would have been to deal with past virus outbreaks if vaccinations would have been enforced, We need this to be a reality.

  • Wait what no!

    Are you kidding? The vaccine was rushed. Proof? Once a guy with mild covid conditions (Seemed normal) got the vaccine. 2 hours later, DEAD! Here is another one, Another person took the vaccine, Then he got blisters and rashes on his arm. Those 10 million people who took the vaccine so far r screwed. And the horrible truth. . . . The vaccine contains DEAD BABY PARTS! Thats a abomination to humanity to put aborted fetuses parts into the vaccine. Probably what makes people dead or have bad conditions.

  • It might be unsafe

    We do not know very much about it and it is very new. What if it is actually slowly killing us. More people die from snails than covid. This virus isn't very deadly unless your very old or very young. There are very few deaths from the people in between.

  • No it shouldn’t

    Previous vaccine that have been used for years have been linked to autism and has killed many people. There was already a mistake where a doctor screwed up the vaccine and killed many people. Plus this is a very new vaccine that we don’t know much about and now doctors are starting to say that this won’t help much. Wouldn’t be putting my faith in this vaccine, Wear your masks and gloves and just sanitize

  • Not Enough Testing

    The average vaccine takes about ten years to get out to the public, It takes about three years to study and develop then seven years to test. The COVID-19 vaccine went through that process in less than a year, You might be able to make the case that they were able to crunch the development time down expediently but you can't make up 7 years of long term testing in less than a years. Some people may make the point that everyone including government officials and doctors are saying it's safe but if that were true you wouldn't have to sign a form saying if you die or become very ill because of this vaccine you or a family member are not allowed to sue. We don't know the side effects of this vaccine because it hasn't been properly tested therefore this vaccine is classified as an experimental drug that is why getting the COVID-19 vaccine should not be mandatory.

  • Just read the book THE REAL ANTHONY FAUCI by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

    This book needs to be read by everyone who is affected by this plandemic. Also, Watch the congress hearings between Senator Rand Paul and Fauci. There's really nothing that I need to add, That these men haven't already put into better words than I am capable of writing down here.

  • No, As never-ending boosters proves its uselessness

    No vaccine should be mandatory, As it has not be proven to be totally effective, Nor safe.
    Especially if the coronavirus vaccine requires frequent never-ending boosters, Then it cannot really be called a "vaccine" per se, As it does not provide any real permenent immunization, And one will be better off relying on their own immune system instead.

    Compare these with most other real vaccine shots (eg. Measles, Hepatitis, Rotavirus, Polio, Chickenpox. . Etc. ) that only requires at most one or two shot at the childhood age.

    Thus these whole coronavirus pandemics are all big hoaxes by the greedy big phramas for even more cash grab from corrupt big governments; while they keep making the never-ending excuses and lies of "the virus strains keeps changing variants"!

    Remember: the more shots needed, The more it proves that these coronavirus "vaccine shots" are ineffective and useless, And the more support and eveidences that it gives to the anti-vax crowd.

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Ipersumah-Lopterne says2021-02-16T22:28:22.227
'cobid-19' damn keyboard

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