• Not vaccinating is child abuse.

    I'll say it right here, right now: Anti-vaxxers should have their children taken from them to be forcibly vaccinated and raised in the foster care system. Vaccinations prevent disease and they ensure herd immunity (freedom from illness) for a very small percentage of the population who cannot be vaccinated due to legitimate medical issues.

  • Absolutely!

    Thanks to vaccination, diseases like measles and polio, which once killed thousands of children each year, are all but forgotten in the USA. We have a chance to completely eradicate them. Vaccination protects the entire population, not just the individual children who are being immunized. Refusing to have a child vaccinated is the height of irresponsibility.

  • yes

    Vaccinating children prevents them from getting easily treatable and preventable diseases. It also prevents them from infecting very vulnerable members of the population, like younger children and infants that have not been vaccinated. This helps eliminate the disease and lower the prevalence. It also builds herd immunity, which is a very good thing.

    Posted by: dbb
  • Yes

    It is extremely important for kids to be vaccinated especially at a young age when their defenses are vulnerable. Kid should be vaccinated mainly because of the money it cost to treat children when they are sick on an hospital. All that money comes out of our pockets and if we can prevent future illnesses or diseases on our young by vaccinating them we will be helping ourselves, our kids, and our country by making the spend less on health care.

  • Literally zero reason not to

    The only reason, that people seem to associate with vaccines, as a bad thing, is that it may increase the risk of autism. This is simply false. There is no scientific connection between vaccines and autism and the original author of the "research" that purposed this idea should be tried on malpractice and endangerment of children. There is no reason to not vaccinate. None.

  • In a Public School Setting

    Kids who attend public schools must be given vaccines to prevent the spread of debilitating diseases. If parents want to withhold their kids from schools that require vaccinations, that is their right. In general, vaccines are good for the overall health of a contemporary society as they prevent such things as smallpox and polio.

  • It is the height of irresponsibility not to vaccinate!

    All children should be required to receive vaccinations, with exceptions only being made for documented medical conditions or provable religious grounds. The benefits of mass vaccination far outweigh the detriments, and the most common arguments against vaccination hold very little weight.

    Some argue that certain childhood diseases are no longer prevalent, making vaccination redundant. These diseases have not, however, been eradicated as many believe - it is only through "protection of the herd" or mass vaccination that they have such a low occurrence rate in vaccinated societies. There are children who cannot get vaccinated due to age or medical condition – they receive protection through the group immunity mass vaccination provides

    One might argue that it is a parent's right to choose whether to vaccinate a child or not. After all, it is the individual family that is taking the risk. This is a specious argument. There have been cases involving the death or serious illness of children unvaccinated because of medical reasons or age who got sick after exposure to a child who was unprotected due to a parent's choice.

    The most popular argument against childhood vaccination is the risk of side effects causing injury or permanent damage – autism being the most commonly cited example. Yet there have been no serious studies linking autism to childhood vaccinations. The one study so often pointed to is so seriously flawed that it was retracted from the medical journal that published it, and its author has been stripped of his medical credentials. Though side effects do occur after vaccinations, they are mostly mild; serious side effects are very rare, and deaths so rare that according to the CDC it is hard to produce statistics about them. The risks associated with many of the diseases prevented far outweigh those of the actual vaccines.

    It is a fact that childhood morbidity declines dramatically in societies with mass childhood vaccination. The diseases that used to be the scrourge of childhood are no longer a concern, as long as mandatory childhood vaccination is enforced. Vaccinations should be required for all healthy children.

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  • Kids should be Vaccinated

    I'll say it right here all children should be vaccinated because ti protects children and other people from getting diseases such as Cerebral Palsy and/or Ebola. Children can suffer form getting diseases and may die. Your children will regret you forever and may never want to see you again. Get your kids Vaccinated when needed

  • Kids should get vaccines

    Kids should get vaccines because it saves peoples lives from getting diseases, it doesn't harm you unless you permanently make it hurt by running into something straight after your vaccines. Your kids will regret you for the rest of their and your lives and they will hate you as well.

  • No it is bad

    Hello i am dr buthead and due to my reasearch children do not need to be immunised because the disease that is help in the needle and injectid into the person casuses an action into the brains controll function system causing a spread of infections atoms into your blood which than makes you contagious but you want actually have the disease

  • No it is bad

    Hello i am dr buthead and due to my reasearch children do not need to be immunised because the disease that is help in the needle and injectid into the person casuses an action into the brains controll function system causing a spread of infections atoms into your blood which than makes you contagious but you want actually have the disease

  • Vaccines can be dangerous

    Last time I got a flu shot I got sick from it. That's also happened to my dad. People like us are allergic to the vaccines and they cause us to become ill. Other people become paralyzed or mentally disabled from vaccines. Many people have died from them Marysue grivna in Florida was 9 when a flu shot have her a brain infection and completely paralyzed her.

  • All of my children are vaccinated

    BUT I don't think parents should be "forced" to do it. Taking away a parents right to decide what he or she thinks is best for their child is wrong. Parents should definitely be encouraged to vaccinate and schools should require it. That being said a parent should have the right to not vaccinate and home school their kids. Key word THEIR KIDS!

  • Just because of the implications if a vaccine were ever bad

    While most allegations that vaccines are causing harm are bogus that's not necessarily going to be the case forever. Someday a bad batch of vaccines may be made and then the government would be responsible for forcing their administration to innocent children. That's not acceptable and would probably lead to a public outcry and even a revolution. It's best instead to keep people educated about vaccines.
    Indirect "forcing" that is the application of financial penalties would be OK since if a parent knew something was wrong with the vaccines but couldn't convince the government not to ship them out then it would be worth it for them to accept a fine. But no direct forcing, no grabbing children and forceably administering vaccines. Just pressure them with fines.

  • People should have the freedom to decide

    Parents should be encouraged to have their children vaccinated and presented with the pertinent facts about vaccination, such as prevention of diseases (and the spread of those diseases) and the fact that the autism-vaccination link has not been proven through rigorous study. I think it will be clear to most parents that vaccination is the smarter choice for their child's health when the facts are presented by a trusted doctor. However, I do not think that parents should be forced to have their child vaccinated. Mandating certain medical procedures is a slippery slope where the doctors and other health professionals are made into a paternal, all-knowing figure. People should have the right to make an informed decision, especially about issues as crucial as their health and the health of their children.

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