Should vaccines be required for school attendance?

  • If this means "should vaccines be required for public school attendance", then yes.

    In my opinion, parents should have the right to not have their children get vaccinated. I'm pro-vax, I don't believe some pseudoscience about how they cause autism, and if I ever have kids in the future, I'll have them get vaccinated. But I think that parents have rights, and that they should be able to choose to not have their children get vaccinated. For example, it might be a religious reason, and the 1st Amendment guarantees the right to freedom of religion. However, I don't think that children who haven't been vaccinated should be allowed to come to a public (that is, government-funded) school. Why should other children be forced to be at risk of getting sick just because they're near an unvaccinated child with a contagious sickness? Children who haven't been vaccinated should not be allowed to come to public school, in my opinion. Their parents should either homeschool them or send them to public school.

  • Children whose parents refuse to have them vaccinated should not be allowed to attend school

    Children whose parents refuse to have them vaccinated should not be allowed to attend school because many children become extremely sick every year from their parents neglecting to vaccinate them. This can cause the child who is carrying the sickness to spread it to others. This chain is unfair to the children who have to deal with this. For example, I have an auto-immune disease and tons of children who come to school and are sick have the potential risk to get me sick. My immune system doesn’t work the way others do, so when I get sick it is much more severe to me then it is to them. I have to get vaccinated to prevent sickness and everyone who’s around me a lot does to. Many people at school don’t get it because their parents think it isn’t a big deal or don’t want their kids to become sick due to the shot or nasal mist. You cannot get sick from the Flu vaccine, if you happen to become sick after you receive a vaccination then you were carrying it before you got sick. The Flu vaccine protects you from the most common strings of the flu, this means that you can still catch rare types of the virus. This is how most vaccinations are because the viruses are constantly evolving.
    Parents do not understand how important vaccinations are. Vaccinations can protect future generations. Vaccines reduce and occasionally completely eradicate diseases that disabled or killed people in prior generations. However, vaccinations have become much more popular. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recorded that 46.9% of children from 6 months to 17 years old have gotten the flu vaccine in the past 12 months. Flu.Gov says that about 20% of the population gets the flu each year and that this can be prevented and almost completely eliminated if everyone got the vaccination.

    -Adele M.

  • For the Protection of Fellow Students

    It is my opinion that vaccination should be mandatory to attend school (at least public schools) with the exception of those who have a genuine religious (not made up for the purpose of vaccine dodging) or medical reason. Diseases can spread quickly throughout a population because of the proximity of many people and the often lacking hygiene of small children. Mandatory vaccination will ensure herd immunity and prevent possibly very dangerous diseases from spreading.

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    Measles was an eradicated illness in the world as well as others such as polio. But since so many people have decided to not vaccinate their children it is back with many cases that are spreading across the country. Herd immunity is important and protects the part of the population that cannot get vaccinated such as infants. A lot of the people that fell to the recent measles outbreak were infants who are to young to get vaccinated because people who are old enough chose not to, Putting them at risk. Also if we don't vaccinate other eradicated illnesses are bound to come back like measles did.

  • Vaccines should be mandatory

    Giving students vaccines is actually cheaper than treating the students who have the diseases that the vaccine was supposed to protect against. Vaccines can also help eradicate diseases and if you don't want a vaccine because you think it has preservatives or mercury, just ask for the kind that doesn't.

  • Save for scenarios where a person is medically incapable of getting them

    As we have seen with the recent slew of measles outbreaks, among others, vaccines are a matter of public safety. I would be open to the idea of it being limited to core vaccines for debilitating viruses (so no mandate for the flu shot, for instance), but overall we have seen what happens to populations where we stop vaccinating. It really is a public safety issue, and we need herd immunity.

  • Yes Vaccinations should be compulsory to attend school.

    Unless it is for medical reasons such as cancer patients vaccines should be compulsory. Either that or have schools available for un-vaccinated children. It is unfair for some with genetic health problems to be forced to attend school with all of these un-vaccinated children. One of my four children was born with a genetis disease. Whooping cough; just one example, will kill my daughter. Make vaccinations compulsory in schools. We need more Herd Protection!

  • Kids need to build their immune systems.

    They can become immune to certain viruses and infections. You need to build it up if you want to be healthy. Vaccines are often unnecessary. You have to pay more to get the vaccinations and it is better to save money so that you can spend it on more important things.

  • Vaccines are unsafe

    There are adjuvants in vaccines that can cause problems in kid such as mercury, Aluminium, Eborted featuses, Cells from pigs, Monkeys and mice. All these cause problems when you are injecting this into a muscle and bypasses all the bodies defences. Until these vaccines are made safe for all children it should never be mandated.

  • It hurts to get

    Lots of people want it but not many get it. I don't get their flu shot and I never get the flu. No one likes getting shots but. It needs to be done for some things just not the flu. It hurts and it cost money just eat fruits and veggies and you wont get the flu.

  • Vaccines don't promote individual health development, tenacity, & adaptation.

    Unvaccinated children are more likely to be infected by vaccinated children carrying viruses & diseases than vice versa. They should promote a balance of salubrious fruits, nuts, vegetables, & insects to have a proper balance of adaptogens, polyphenols, amino acids, & antioxidants, rather then promoting something like vaccines, which does little in comparison to the benefits of healthy eating & good hygein.

    Also, vaccines are ineffective at eradicating diseases, because many vaccinated people dont feel the need or have the tenacity to work as hard to be healthy, so when they are exposed to viruses, which they are trying to avoid, they may still become infected.

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