• I support valentines day

    I’m saying yes I think Valentine’s Day should be celebrated because it’s not just about the couples’s also about family. Family members can how much they love their mom, Dad and siblings by watching a movie together or going for a walk on the beach or by kissing their foreheads and giving them hugs. So I agree

  • Why not guys?

    Why can't we celebrate? It's just like any other holiday! And I love the " GAY NEED THE LOVE" one because I just relate to it. I am Biromantic asexual and demigirl and I think the gay do need the love! So thank you for writing that. Have a noice day.

  • Valentines day is a good thing

    Valentines day lets people show how much people mean to them. When people say that Valentines day is expensive they obviously haven't taken a walk on the beach at sunset with a loved one because it is just as romantic as a fancy dinner and it's free! Valentines day is a positive no matter what way you look at it

  • Yes Valentine’s Day should be celebrated

    Yes because valentines day should be celebrated because I love Valentine’s Day because Valentine’s Day is very and fun and of course you get hugs hearts and of course lots of love ok and he i think that Valentine’s Day should absolutely be celebrated ok so yeah my final answer is yes bye

  • Yes you should celebrate valentine'sday

    Valentine day is for people who do and don't have a someone to love but you always have your family. Even if someone else rejects you, There is always someone else. Maybe the ones who do not have someone can go out with them, Try to meet them. Also don't be rude because thats mean and you don't know what there going threw.

  • I support it

    So i agree that we need to show loe eeryday but its okay to hae one whole day dediated towards it too! Theres no har in haing a lil bit fun ENJOY LIFES TOO SHORT TO BE BORING AND HAE DEBATES LIE YOUR LIFE TO THE FULLEST AND ENJOY AS UH AS U AN

  • Valentine's Day should be celebrated.

    Valentine's Day should be celebrated because people can be loved by others even if you don't have a significant other. Valentine's Day may seem like a day of sorrows to you, But to others it is a day of loved and that is what it will stay. You will never be able to take away the "day of love"

  • Love needs a day for recognition

    Love is something that should be valued. Although love is something that should be valued everyday, We need to give love a day to be celebrated. When you say that love should be valued any day, That’s like saying: Why do we have Christmas when Christ should be celebrated each day? Or Why do we have Día de los Muertos when we should honor the dead everyday? Valentines should be a holiday that gives love more recognition. It should remind us how love keeps us together and love is new beginnings. Love should be celebrated each day, But it should be considered a holiday on Valentines for reminding us how important love is.

  • I'm really gay

    Gay needs the love
    Gay needs the love
    Gay needs the love
    Gay needs the love
    Gay needs the love
    Gay needs the love
    Gay needs the love
    Gay needs the love
    Gay needs the love
    Gay needs the love
    Gay needs the love
    Gay needs the love
    Gay needs the love
    Gay needs the love

  • It's supposed to be about celebrating love

    It's a holiday with a great origin, And a special day dedicated to showing your loved ones how much you care either by taking them out or sending gifts or just having dinner with them. It's nice to have a day to remind us to show romantic gestures toward significant others.

  • Valentines day sucks

    You get rejected and drown your entire day in sorrows because you feel not good enough for the guy you asked out. Then their are your kids that can't do anything that includes romance like hugging for a long time, kiss , or even hold hands and don't get me wrong that is inappropriate but that means when you are on your date or what ever. Your kid will spent time with their partner in crime.

  • No, Valentines should not be celebrated.

    Love isn't something that is based on time. You can always show or never show love. It should not be based on a day where people are asked to buy things and do things to "prove their love". Just because a man does not buy his wife flowers on February 14th, does not mean that this woman whom he has been married to for forty years, he suddenly does not love.

    I believe that Valentines day is just like Christmas and other holidays that are days enforced to us as days to be celebrated when really it is just a way to generate revenue.

  • No. It's insensitive.

    To people who think it's good, there are very good people out there that are single. I t really hurts you selfish pigs who think it's a good idea. I mean come on people. This hurts some people emotionally. It is a scare too. You people are just plain selfish because there are people out there who need love. But insist on being unkind.

  • no valentines day shouldn't be celebrated

    I don't think this is a day that should be celebrated because this "holiday" doesn't stand for anything. We honor no one and gain no insight to our history. The day was created by greeting card companies to make money out of us...or at least that's what I heard, but either way it's not a needed holiday.

  • Worst day of the year by far

    Valentine's Day is awful. And just about making money for shops it descrimnstes against. All single and gay people it is by far my least favourite day of the year down with valentine's Day it is pointless and expensive it should be banned or changed asap In my opinion I hate valentine's Day

  • It's just a day where women are ungrateful to their significant other

    Let's be real, If you expect your significant other to buy you something on Valentines Day, Then you're just gold digging the everliving hell out of them. Some women (they're basically little girls when they act like this) expect they be treated like a princess on this incredibly random day. How about getting your man a gift other than some dumbass card you drove to a dollar store and "put all your heart" in. Women do the bare minimum and expect to be treated like princesses for their "hard work". Men spend thousands almost millions of dollars on candy and jewelry. Where are the women? That's right. The next time you see your man, It's probably gonna be him driving a new car with a new woman whom he can share love and material value with.

  • Dum stupid just for making money

    I hate it is my far my lest favourite day of the year. If you think it is all about presents shame on you. If you make you children buy presents triple shame on you especially if there 17 or under. It should be banned asap and replaced with anti racism day. I hate it but I still want to keep the Week's beak I get for February mid=term so I would Keep The February Mid-term Break.

  • Im lonely help

    All i do on valentine is sorry for myself. I see everyone all LOVE and stuff and they just RUB IT IN MY FACE that i no one loves me. You WOMAN are all mean, Insensitive jerks that only care about yourselfs. Becaues there are a lot of great skngle guys out there like me that you don't care about because you just want a CHAD who treats you like trash because hes hot or whatever. But guess what. Im ugly, BUT I STILL DESERVE LOVE! :( you mean woman.

  • Im forever alone

    Help me I'm sad. I all ever do is sit and cry myself to sleep, Because no one has ever loved me. Btw my name is Chad, And for all you people who support rubbing your romance in my face, I will speak to your manager and get you fired! Y'all suck. I'm really lonely.

  • Valentines day is my least favourite day of the year

    Shame on you if you thing valentines day is all about presents which it is not but is has became this way I hate valentines day it sucks it is just for shops to make money. And valentines day is undoubtedly my lest favourite day of the year down with valentines day

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