Should Valentine's day be celebrated? What's your opinion about it?

  • It should be celebrated

    I get that many people say that if someone really loved someone they would show it everyday instead of that one day. But most people that go out and buy flowers and bears and stuff may still show that person that they love them everyday of the year. And anyway, it could be the one day a person gets the courage to confess their crush on someone. Most people who say that Valentine's Day shouldn't be celebrated are single and bitter. And even the people who are with someone who still say it should still mind their business, if you don't like Valentine's Day then it's just your opinion, but you shouldn't ruin it for everyone who love Valentine's Day

  • It's a time to remember peace.

    Valentines is all about feeling love and appreciation for one another. If days like these don't exist, human beings may not show their love in such friendly and un-intimidating behaviour. Many traditions would be lost, and the motion that comes with Valentines is truly for remembrance, hope and the knowledge of loving and kindness. Giving gifts and cards is a mere addition to Valentines, it's not what Valentines is all about.

  • Its discrimination against singles

    I almost think it shouldbe scrapped. Valentines Day is nothing but discrimination against singles. If you are single, you cant celebrate it! How is that fair and right? They havre to spend the whole day watching everyone else celebrate while they are left out! If you are single and have been for a long time (or possibly never been in a rship) thats the last thing you want!
    Couples can celebrate their relationship at any time. Why do they need a special day to do this?

  • It’s Any other day

    Why should we celebrate a day that is supposed to show our love for others. If you care about someone that much you shouldn’t show your love for them on that da. You should show your love for them everyday. Plus we get gifts for people on Valentine’s Day but love is not about gifts it’s about appreciating one another.

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