Should Vancouver residents have to pay a $500-750 deposit to remove a tree from their yards?

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  • My yard, my tree, my rights!

    Planting trees should be encouraged and steps should be taken to conserve them. Trees are a natural part of nature and the benefits it provides are not unknown to us. We can see that government is trying to reserve its natural beauty by imposing this law but if you visualize the technique is not practical. It won't be fair upon the residents to have to pay such a big amount to cut a tree. In fact they should be encouraged to pay for planting trees. Sometimes there might be reasons to cut down a tree unwillingly because it is taking most space of their yard or any other reason. In that case owner should be able to take a decision on cutting or keeping it without having the trouble to pay for it. The basic idea is the yard belongs to the owner so whatever s/he decides to do in the yard should be solely the right of the owner not the government or any other person.

  • No, they should be paid for planting trees

    No, the incentive structure should be reversed. If the Vancouver government would like to incentivize conservation, it should not punish, but motivate with positive reinforcement. It should pay residents to plant new trees on their property. There would need to be a small amount of oversight to ensure that residents are paid for net increases in the number of trees, but this would be easily workable.

  • Sometimes there are safety issues.

    It took a lot of thought to figure out which side to be on. It is worthwhile to get residents to be more thoughtful about what they cut down. However, there are times where trees can pose safety issues. One is if branches become unstable due to storms. If someone doesn't get the tree removed, they might risk damage to their property. The other is power lines. Trees running into power lines cause all sorts of issues. All in all, it would be good to have initiatives to protect older trees. However, safety comes first.

  • Homeowners own the land and the trees on their property

    Owning land comes with rewards. It is your piece of this world to do what you want with. There is absolutely no reason why a homeowner should be penalized if he or she wants to cut down a tree on their property. If this mentality was adopted, does that mean homeowners would be able to collect $500-$750 to plant trees?

  • Too Much Meddling!

    The governments of the world are just encroaching more and more until something snaps. Well, having to pay the local authoritities to move a tree on your own land is getting to the point of absurdity. We're not free people if we can never effectively own land. We're only serfs at best.

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