• Vanessa Hudgens not Exempt From Destroying Property

    Vanessa Hudgens should be punished for carving into a rock in Sedona. No one is supposed to alter what is found in the National Parks, and celebrities are no exception. If the average America completed the same action, a punishment would be administered. Vanessa Hudgens broke the rules, and should be punsihed accordingly.

  • Yes she should

    Why should she be able to do whatever she pleases. It's just insulting that a celebrity thinks she can do whatever she wants and not face any consequences. I hope she gets what coming to her and she realizes that what she did was awful. So punishment should be handed out accordingly.

  • Crackerjack fame is fleeting

    Defacing historical monuments, sacred objects and natural wonders should be punished at least as severely as we punish theft and assault. The absolute selfish act of defiling a public monument for no reason other than to gratify your own insignificant fame should not ever be allowed to go without repercussion.

  • Yes, Hudgens should be held to the same standards of justice as any one else.

    When she carved her and her boyfriend's names into a rock located within the Coconino National Forest, Vanessa Hudgens committed an act of vandalism that caused lasting damage to federal property. Even worse, by posting the picture to her public Instagram account, Hudgens expressed tacit approval of similar destructive acts. Pressing charges against Hudgens is the first step toward undoing the damage she's done.

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