• Vector marketing strategy

    Vector marketing to revert to solely online advertising because that is where they will get the greatest bang for their buck Their target audience is mostly online so it is not necessary to advertise on any other media that would be much more expensive. This is the wise move to make.

  • Yes, I think Vector Marketing should revert solely to online advertising.

    Vector Marketing is a very sly company that often entraps people into thinking they are going for a legitimate job but instead end up selling knives to their family and friends, so the more we can restrict their ability to advertise for new prospects the better I would say is a good thing.

  • Yes, Vector Marketing should only refer to online advertising.

    I think that Vector Marketing should revert solely to online advertising. I know that is something we all hate to see while we are on a discussion board trying to talk about a certain topic on the Internet. And I definitely think that there should be stricter rules and regulations in regards to it.

  • Still a lot to gain elsewhere

    There is still a lot to be gained from more traditional marketing rather than solely online. There is still a huge portion of the population that does not even consider online to be a serious part of their day, and, ultimately, that population has a generally higher income than the younger.

  • More About Variety

    I do not believe Vector Marketing should revert solely to online advertising. Vector marketing uses a large variety of different advert styles and locations. Cutting it down to only online advertising is likely to have a bad effect on the company and it's sales. On-line advertising is good, but it doesn't replace the variety Vector Marketing uses.

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