• Can i also claim my right and freedom ?

    I was wondering if tomorrow any research is published stating that cannibalism can boost strength or performance in athletes, then can i eat my sweet chubby neighbor ? I believe she is good source of protein and essential fatty acids :D ...In case anyone wants to scold me for this, kindly answer yourself, not me, whether animals should have rights of living a life like us or not ? They are incapable of defending themselves must not give us freedom to kill them. If you think it does give us freedom to do such atrocity on them, then i hope you will never complain if some guy or probably any alien from mars bully or murder you.

  • Veganism is the only peaceful & healthy lifestyle

    We shouldn't be asking this kind f question because the animals are not here for us, they are here with us. We all know that when we born into this planet no one had anything not even clothes, therefore this kind f question should be asked only those guys who were born together with all their survival needs properties. The question is can we survive with plant based food? Yes, we can and at the same time it will benefits our healhts and we are not harming those living beings who are sharing the planet with us. Soon there wont be choice because if someone denies another living beings existence and their well being there those individuals has denied their own existence unawarely and the outcome result will be you will get what you give in return. My advice for all the blindfolded individuals think this way: You dont want to be killed or harmed so why would you participate another living beings sufferer?

  • If we had to look at how are food is made, most wouldn't eat it

    We don't want to look at how our meat is produced. If we did, most Wouldnt want to eat it. If there is nothing wrong with it, why don't we visit slaughter houses and kill our own food?Many are disgusted by treatment of animals like dogs in other countries - how can we decide that it's ok to treat some badly and not others? Reality - we don't look

  • Just because humans are more intelligent does not mean we are above or better than any other animal. WE HAVE NO RIGHT

    We have no right to torture and kill animals who do NOT want that done to them. If you the meat and dairy consumers were to see what happens in the meat industry, they would probably change your mind on the topic. Just because humans are more intelligent than other animals, does not give US the right to take their lives away from them.

  • We are all animals

    We can't morally justify using animal products for our benefit with the knowledge that they feel emotion just like us. If humans were farmed this would be considered wrong. It is wrong for any complex emotive animal to be farmed. Speciesism is as bad as racism. Just because an animal is a different species to our species doesn't justify it's exploitation, when we can survive without it.

  • This is my right.

    This is my right Vegans like to force their views and beliefs on other people and any vegans that think that it should be the law to become vegan would be a breach of the human rights act as it is my right to eat what I like and the vegan law that they want to force on other people who are not vegan would be thrown out as it would be an illegal law. It would not EVEN pass legislation as it would be classed as an illegal law in the eyes of the human rights court. Any vegans who don't understand look it up or ask some one who studied law and you will find out for yourself.

  • Violation of Freedom

    If vegan law was enforced, I would no longer be able to eat the things that I actually want to eat. Vegan law just ruins everything, and that would put meat companies and dairy companies in bankruptcy, causing lost jobs, and it really would hurt the economy. Strong no to vegan law.

  • How will athletes and body builders compete without meats? What about starving people in 3rd world countries?

    High meats (and vegetables) are a staple healthy diet for most people but meats are even more important for those that need to bulk up including soldiers, boxers, wrestlers, and weight lifters. By denying these people the right foods you are hampering them in their goals which is wrong.

    Also insects are a very good source of proteins and minerals. In some poorer countries where food is scarce this can help them survive, which is good in my opinion.

  • No, why bother?

    First I'm sure it violates a slew of freedoms and then the majority would be against the law. You'd just create a law impossible to enforce and nobody would care if you broke it anyways. I'd kill for my right to eat meat, you want my BBQ tongs? Come and get 'em!

  • Vegans are Cancer

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  • Carnist backlash could be deadly

    If you want something to be enforced, you would need people willing to actually enforce it.
    But who should do that? I know I clearly wouldn't.

    Not that I think that your general idea is wrong, no, quite the opposite actually, but you are talking about enforcing something on carnists here!
    You cannot reason with them and just tell them to stop following their cruel tradition. Doesn't work. Believe me, I tried!
    They are very dangerous and don't hestitate to kill for what they desire. Standing in their way will clearly put your own life at risk!

    So no, enforcing is no valid way. At least not as long as they are a majority. Try finding ways to win them over instead.

  • What would established businesses do?

    The farming and dairy industries would have to stop what they're doing and would lose their jobs. Fast food franchises and restaurants would have to change their recipes/menus or simply shut up shop, which again would cause job loss. Black market meat and dairy products would likely be sold and what would the punishment be for this? A fine for eating a chicken drumstick? 20 years behind bars for selling black market dairy products? This would be costly for the tax payer and difficult to monitor for what it's worth. Veganism is all well and good but I don't feel it should be made law and rather remain a choice.

  • No, people should eat what they prefer.

    I am not sure exactly what vegan law is or would be. I gather it has something to do with legislating the way we eat and what we eat. Of course, vegan is healthier for most people. But it is not necessarily going to meet the nutritional requirements of all and anyway there needs to be free choice in this matter.

  • Is this a legitimate question?

    Why must their lifestyle choices encroach upon ours? Most vegans seem to have this holier than thou attitude towards people who use animal products. Meat is delicious and nutritious in moderation and animal products are useful in many ways, and in many cases, they are better than their vegan-friendly substitutes. If a true vegan law was introduced, hundreds of thousands of people in the US would be out of work, mostly blue collar jobs ranging from farmers and butchers to fishermen and trappers. These are people that have nowhere else to go and have families to feed. Where will all the livestock go? There's billions of cows, chickens, pigs, and sheep in the world. Where are we going to release them? They probably won't survive in the wild because they have become completely domesticated and depend on humans for survival. Also using this logic, medical science would come to a screeching halt, because it wouldn't be vegan to use laboratory rats or to use medication that came from the process of testing on animals, like insulin or the vaccines to Polio and Tetanus (which we've all had, so we're already breaking the law.) Where will you get WILLING participants to help further medical science by sacrificing their bodies while they're still alive? It's ugly, but that's life, and even though it's wrong to put human life above animal life, we have to do so to benefit humanity. Instead of forcing vegan law, how about forcing humane laws? It's worked for slaughterhouses who implemented electrical stunning which renders the animal temporarily paralyzed so that it could be bled and not feel anything. I, for one, am in favor of stopping the act of feeding cattle corn because grass-fed cattle are healthier, leaner, and taste better. No matter how you twist it, killing an animal isn't a pretty sight, that's why vegans will ALWAYS complain about using animal products. We even have the technology to produce "In-vitro meat", but vegans still see that as wrong. I see the beauty in the fact that we can use animals AND plants to our advantage other than just eating them. They can be recycled and used in many practical ways. It's a beautiful thing in my opinion.

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