• Vegetarianism should be promoted

    Vegetarianism is a very good motion ,in this motion we can get the energy with out harming any living organism instead depending on only plants and trees for food. In this motion we are not cutting whole tree for food,But non-vegetarians kill the organism for the sake of food. Is it right to kill other animals for sake of our food and happiness .So,vegetarianism should be promoted...Being a living organism we should have a seance that we should never harm(kill) any other living organism...

  • It is healthier

    It has been scientifically proven that being a vegetarian is healthier for you and the environment, it is in theb est interest of the child and the entire world to promtoe veganism or vegetarianism.

    ''muh proteins'' broccoli, nuts and various other vegetables, what you get from meat can also be gotten from vegetables so saying a vegetarian diet lacks is incorrect

  • No, many believe that vegetarianism is unhealthy.

    No, vegetarianism should not be actively promoted in schools, but it should be offered as an option. Many people believe that a vegetarian diet does not provide sufficient protein, vitamins and minerals for a growing child. Sometimes parents do not teach children good health habits at home, so it is imperative that they get proper instructions at school, including what constitutes a full well-rounded diet.

  • Vegetarianism should not be promoted in schools.

    Vegetarianism is a lifestyle choice for people who think it is immoral to eat animals and/or animal products, or those who feel that eating vegetarian promotes greater health. However, foregoing animal products can lead to certain vitamin deficiencies such as B vitamins, and lack of proteins in the diet. Kids should be able to make their own choices when it comes to being vegetarian or not.

  • Vegatarianism is a choice and should not be forced onto students.

    When it comes to eating habits, schools should present food choices that are part of a balanced, healthy diet. If a student wants to become a vegetarian, that is his or her right. However, to inflict that choice in diet onto all students is to take away their rights to make their own decisions in terms of what to eat.

  • Vegetarianism should be an option in schools, but it should not be promoted.

    Vegetarian options should definitely be made available to students. Some students follow vegetarian diets as the result of personal beliefs while others do so for health reasons. Either way,vegetarianism is on the rise. Schools should not, however, take the liberty to promote a particular diet over the other. Rather, healthy meat as well as vegetarian options should be offered and students permitted to choose.

  • Kids need meat.

    If a kid doesn't get meat then they could be losing vitamins, and that is not very healthy. If a kid loses vitamins their health isn't as good. Ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok

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