• Vending machines are good

    Vending machines are good because they help out and they are good snacks if the school runs out of snacks. Vending machines will help the school get more money and they will get more than they think. Teachers think it is bad and it will bring down the health stuff and it is much more better than that. They will need vending machines if there are some healthy stuff on there

  • Vending machines are NOT the problem

    Vending machines are not the problem because people will decide weather they want to eat something or not. I believe the parent or the child should be able to decide what they should eat not schools. Its not like changing the vending machines will make children's health any better so why would it even be anyone's business how people eat.

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  • No, vending machines do not belong in schools.

    The proportion of overweight and obese children and teens is increasing rapidly in American society. Since school vending machines are filled with unhealthy foods such as candy and salty chips, their presence only encourages students to make poor food choices. Consuming junk food increases lethargy, which makes for a poor learning environment.

  • Vending machines should be permitted if they dispense healthy snacks.

    Vending machines in and of themselves do not contribute to unhealthy eating habits. If vending machines distributed healthy drinks and snacks, then they could actually provide a benefit to students in the form of conveniently available healthy alternatives to standard cafeteria food. They could also help dispel the stereotype that vending machines are synonymous with junk food.

  • Vending machines should be allowed, but with healthy alternatives.

    Vending machines should be available to students in schools, provided that they sell products that are healthy for children and do not promote childhood obesity. They should be filled with NutriGrain bars, gum, protein bars and the like; they should not be filled with extremely fatty foods or candy bars that promote unhealthy lifestyles.

  • Yes, students should have the choice to purchase food from vending machines.

    For many children, school is an important part of their development. In addition to formal education, school also provides the opportunity for children to learn how to socialize and function independently outside of their home. The choice to purchase food from a vending machine is a way to help engender autonomy and independence. This is assuming that the vending machines provide healthful food choices.

  • No vending machines

    What happens if there is no food or a long line or cavities or expenses or you have no money or not funnching or don't like the food and waists money or get in the way or learning or cafine in soda or people geting unheay food or so meany cavities that teeth fall out

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