• Take care of veterans

    There are too many veterans who are homeless. Those men and women sacrificed alot to serve in the military. We as American people should show that we are here for them as they were for us. It greatly saddens me that veterans are committing suicide and doing drugs after war.

  • Increase veteran's care and assistance benefits

    Veteran's care and assistance benefits should be increased. Those men and women go and spend years of their lives voluntarily to protect our country and freedoms. The least that we can do is support their hard work by helping to take care of them. Some veteran's see and deal with horrific things, and need more help to overcome those challenges. I think we owe them that.

  • It is a travesty

    We spend these young men's lives like water, taking them barely old enough to vote, not even old enough to drink, and send them off to foreign wastelands. To fight and die for something they barely understand, for reasons that are increasingly murky to everyone not making money off it. The very least we can do is put as much effort into taking care of them as we did into breaking them.

  • Yes, Veterans need less red tape in getting better care.

    Our veterans have sacrificed for all of us and in return, they should be given better care, and less red tape so they can receive care quickly. Yes, benefits should be increased. Veterans should not have to hear that their conditions are not service related, not covered, or not available. We should be doing far more for these men and women who have given so much.

  • After all we put them through

    The veterans should have more benefits because they did more over the last 13 or 14 years than any other time in military history. Many of them going on multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. More was asked of them with all the new technologies and rules of war. It was such a traumatic experience, many veterans are committing suicide or going homeless because they do not know how to cope. This country is simply not doing enough for these people that protected our freedoms.

  • Yes, vet care should be better.

    I think that veteran's care and assistance benefits should be increased. I think that there should be more fund and time spent on the program. It is important that a country like the United States does everything it can to honor and treat their veterans well with respect and dignity.

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