Should veterans of the Confederate States of America be re-buried in federal cemeteries?

  • Yes, they are part of our history

    I believe that it would be a good thing to rebury Confederate soldiers in Federal cemetaries. Even though they fought against us, the Civil War is a major part of our nation's history and therefore the Confederate soldiers are simply a part of our history. Also, no one from the Civil War is left alive to be offended by it.

  • They were the south's heroes.

    Yes, the veterans of the Confederate States of America should be re-buried in federal cemeteries, because they were just as brave as the fighters from the north. The only difference is that their side did not win the war. If they had, they would be the heroes, and the northern soldiers would not be recognized.

  • They belong with other fallen soldiers

    Yes, the soldiers who fought and died for the confederate states of American were truly pure American soldiers, and they deserve to be buried alongside the other fallen heroes of this nation. Just because it was a civil war does not mean they were not brave and proud american soldiers.

  • Leaving CSA veterans buried where they are is the most respectful option

    Veterans of the Confederate States of America should have their own cemeteries. This shows respect to their ancestors and to the descendants as well. It also shows Americans on both sides that their differences are acknowledged. In addition, reburying those who are already dead disturbs those already resting in peace.

  • Time Doesn't Change Fact

    I do not believe veterans of the Confederate States of America should be re-buried in federal cemeteries. I believe they should remain where they are and I believe the care of these cemeteries should be federal responsibility. To me, time does not change the fact that these soldiers were fighting on the other side.

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