Should veterans receive better post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) benefits?

  • Yes, no question about it

    There should be no question on if veterans should receive better benefits regardless of the type, post-traumatic stress disorder is only one of many conditions and problems they come home with. As a country we sent them out to do whatever job it is they're sent to do so as a country it is our job to protect them and provide them with above average medical treatment when they come home.

    Posted by: jus
  • Yes they most definitely should

    It is absolutely appalling how government treats it's most decorated war heroes. They treat them like they're nothing, they chew them up, and then spit them back out when they are finished with them. They deserve so much better for what they have to go through for this country. There is no question in my mind that veterans should receive better PTSD care and benefits than they do, given the nature of what they deal with in war.

  • Veterans deserve the best

    Our veterans, literally, put their lives on the line in service to this country. These men and women deserve the best psychological support that modern medicine can provide, and it should be provided expediently. Veterans should not have to wait for a schedule openings, nor should they have to accept their care at a substandard facility. If we can build homes, schools, hospitals and power plants all over the world, then we should be able to provide our veterans with state-of-the-art VA facilities.

  • Replace what they have been getting

    It is time for everyone to take a look at what they have been getting since 2008 and stop pushing what has not worked. It used to be called "Battlemind" now called "resiliency" basically telling them they can train their brains to become mentally tough. In other words, they are mentally weak if they end up with PTSD. The help given makes it worse and the data on suicides proves that.

  • Yes, veterans need to receive better post-traumatic stress disorder benefits.

    Veterans are the foundation of our country. For years they have been fighting for our safety and independence time and time again. Many veterans return home to be left without a job, and still severely suffering from images and events that occurred during the war. Many veterans have families to look after and can not be in their best mindset due to horrifying dreams from the past. Increasing benefits would allow veterans to return home to a normal life where they could much easier get over the past. Many veterans can't even get nor pay for medicines they may need. Veterans are the foundation of this country and need to be given respect and increased benefits to help with PTSD.

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