Should veterans receive discounted meals and other offers on Veterans Day?

  • Veterans deserve to get discounted meals and offers.

    Veterans work very hard to keep ous country strong and safe.They risked their lives to fight for America.So they deserve discounted meals and other offers.Veteran Day is used to honor veterans,Giving discouonted meals and other offers for veterans show honor and thanks.Veterans deserve this after all the word work they did to keep our country safe.

  • Yes they do everything for their people

    I honestly think that they should get discounts on any occasions, because a lot of veterans are homeless, but especially on Veterans Day because of the fact that it's the day to celebrate and thank our soldiers for doing the unthinkable and risking their life. They deserve more than they get, and that should be changed

  • Yes. Veterans should receive discounts on Veterans Day

    It is good practice for stores and restaurants to show favor towards veterans on veterans day through discounts and free meals. This is a good way to show thanks and appreciation to the veterans and their families for the sacrifices they have all made for our country ane well being.

  • Veterans Deserve Our Appreciation.

    Veterans have sacrificed a lot in order to keep everyone else safe. They do difficult jobs that not a lot of other people want to do. The entire point of Veterans Day is to appreciate their hard work. Giving veterans discounted or free meals, or other perks, is a nice way to acknowledge the day.

  • Yes, Veterans deserve to be honored on Veteran's Day.

    Our country's veterans trained and work hard, in the name of our beloved Country. Many veterans placed their lives in real danger, in the name of freedom. Offering discounts on meals, as well as other offers, is the least we can do, to show our thanks. The American people should do all we can to honor our veterans, on the day which has been dedicated to them.

  • Yes, Veterans should receive discounted meals and other offers on Veterans Day.

    Veterans should receive discounted meals and other offers on Veterans Day for the simple reason that they have sacrificed their own lives for this country. It is the one day that they are honored and rewarded for their bravery. Its a simple gesture for just one day. Some people just take those who have served their country for granted.

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