• Remy Ma Should Be Allowed To Join Love and Hip Hop

    Remy Ma has served her sentence for her past transgressions. We should not hold that against her for the rest of her life. I don't agree with what she did, but that shouldn't be what she is defined by either. I think VH1 is giving her another chance to show who she really is.

  • Remy Ma Join Love and Hip Hop

    VH1 should be letting Remy Ma join Love and Hip Hop because of Remy Ma's talents and expertise in the area. Remy Ma should be allowed to join and do whatever dreams may transpire because of all of Remy Ma's abilities in that field. Talents like that should not go to waste.

  • She has a right to work

    Remy Ma paid for her crime with more than six years in prison. Everyone should be able to work and she happens to have skills as a rapper so it makes sense that she would work for a company like VH1. If she was a carpenter she would go work for a carpenter and no one would care.

  • No, the show shouldn't exist at all

    No, the show shouldn't exist at all. The days of reality television must come to an end, and stop melting the brains of the world. We are all dumber for having these shows in our lives, and I pray God have mercy on their soles. I award them no points.

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