Should victims in the Central Park jogger case be compensated by New York City?

  • Victims in the Central Park jogger case should be compensated by New York City.

    Victims in the Central Park jogger case should be compensated by New York City. They deserve something for all the trouble that they went through after the horrible accident. If we can pay a woman at McDonald's for dropping hot coffee in her lap then we should be able to pay these women.

  • They already were.

    There was one victim in the Central Park jogger case. There were about five suspects, who were wrongly accused and convicted. In every single case, a settlement with New York City has been reached. So therefore, the question is moot. It has happened, and nothing can be done to change that.

  • They Shouldn't Be

    My understanding is that the victim of the Central Park jogger did receive compensation from the city of New York, so my opinion matters very little. However, I do not think they should receive compensation because the city can't control the actions of all of it's citizens. The city itself didn't do anything wrong and the monies, which are collected through taxes, shouldn't go to individuals.

  • No, they should not be compensated by the city.

    Unless the victims can prove that the city didn't provide enough basic security precautions and essentially played a role in the crime, then no they should not be compensated. This would set the precedent that anyone injured on city property should be compensated in some way by the city which would put an undo burden on all the cities across the United States.

  • No, I don't think New York City should compenstate victims of the Central Park Jogger.

    While you could make the argument that the city failed to adequately provide enough security in the park I don't think the city is enough at fault for the victims to receive compensation, what you have in this case is a twisted individual who would have likely done it anyway regardless of how much security the City put in the park.

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