Should victims of bullies be allowed to use force to get a bully to back off?

Asked by: TrueThinker112
  • Only in cases where no adult is handling the situation adequately.

    When my sister was in fourth grade, the bullies threw rocks at her head. I'm not joking, and I couldn't make this up. They would literally wait for her on her route to walk home from school and throw rocks at her when she came around the corner. If I was her, or I was there, I'd be throwing some stuff back. In her situation, the school did basically nothing to aid her against Bradley and his little gang of thugs (oh did I mention these were boys doing this to her?), and even after repeated incident reports and appeals to the school district (we had to go over the school's head) we ended up having to yank her out of that school and put her in another anyway.
    You can be dam sure that in some cases the victim has absolutely no choice but to fight back themselves, because either the adults capable of handling it are too ignorant or self-involved to help, or the victim is the target of bullying too subliminal to really do anything about, such as emotional or verbal abuse that is hidden or difficult to prove.
    If the school had been willing to do something, things might have been different, but I'll be dammed if I didn't have to walk that girl home every day and throw back some of my own rocks. So much for depending on the system.

  • Absolutely they should

    Is the victim supposed to just take it and let someone hurt them?. If the bully realizes the kid isn't going to do anything he'll just beat him/her up even more and he might also pick on other kids if he comes to assume that no one will challenge him. Sad day for mr bully he shouldn't have been mean.

  • Only if the administration fails to solve the problem

    When the teachers fail to keep students safe from bullies, then someone else must take charge on the situation. Sometimes the bully is actually asking the victim to fight, and eventually they reach their breaking point and decide that they should fight. This is inevitable, whether the victim just shoves the bully away or if a full-scale brawl ensues. I think punishment is should be required, but not as harsh as if they got in a fight without this provocation. The bully should receive punishment as well, for being a bully and getting in a fight.

  • Its not ideal, but yes.

    We should teach children to look after themselves as the world is a cruel place. In most cases I would say the victim should report it, however when the actual bullying is taking place the victim should be allowed to use force. Problem is often bullies do not pick their victims as people that can fight back. So the question is moot except for in a few cases where the bully gets their comeuppance.

  • Yes. Since adults have that right, why not kids in school?

    As adults, we're allowed to use force in self-defense. Even deadly force in some instances.

    I don't think kids should be required to tell an adult. If a kid is being bullied, he has a right to defend himself and also stand his ground. Even if he's in front of the principal's office. IMO, even if a teacher is right there. He can learn to take responsibility for his own personal safety.
    He is primarily responsible for his own personal safety. That's what people need to understand.

  • I don't expect a bystander to understand.

    I'm not saying you should kill them, I am just saying that Ghandi was an old hippie and that true justice would see them get their butts whooped. It's the only way that is PROVEN TO WORK TIME AND TIME AGAIN. Movies agree, and so does reality. Unless they come back for more, but bring a weapon. That changes everything.

  • Only if it is physical abuse.

    If a student is getting physically abused, they should have every right to stand up for themselves. They will be left to defend for themselves in the future, teach them now. If there is only verbal abuse, the kid should be taught to ignore the bully and walk away. What is the problem there? Is the child getting bullied just supposed to cry for help as another wails on him? NO! He's just going to get bullied again and again! Have the child defend himself/herself and the bully won't return.

  • Two answers for this

    1) If met with verbal abuse the "victim" should avoid the situation if possible or find another solution to solve the confrontation. Nothing stops someone faster than a clever comeback. If you're a smart kid or a funny kid and someone makes fun of you, respond with a verbal attack. If this doesn't work try step point 2.

    2) If the aggressor becomes violent then follow these steps. Approach the bully calmly and put a hand on his/her shoulder. Speak to him/her directly and say that you don't want him/her to bully you anymore. Watch as his lips start to form into a smile or smirk. Quickly peck him on the lips, or her if it's a girl. Then immediately retract your head and slam it into their face. Look up how to perform a proper headbutt. This should cause major damage and resolve the problem.

    3) Added step. If the aggressor returns to finish the fight another day then respond with this line. "Remember last time when I made your (body part hurt) bleed/brake? I'm going to do it again if you come any closer. Just a warning I'm a black belt in Jiujitsu/Taekwondo and my father is ex-navy. So if you still want to fight put an ambulance on speed dial and prepare for the hurt." Watch as he/she has an uncomfortable laugh and walks away.

    73.333% success rate if used on most people. So more like a...Umm...54.763% success rate.

    /Not actual advice.
    Tell a teacher or hit the gym/join a sport. 100% success rate.

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