Should victims of human trafficking have access to free abortion.

Asked by: komododragon8
  • The pain versus the suffering

    I could not imagine the pain these women have endured so far, and by taking away their option to move on we condemn them to a lifetime of suffering. Forcing them to live with a human life that has been born from pain and causes further suffering is no life worth living. Furthermore we must consider the life and relationship of the mother and the child, if the mother is unable to love the child of a man that abused her then why would we force her to care for said child.

  • Yes, but it is their decision

    I do believe they should have access to free abortion but it depends on them. A lot of people will say abortion is bad because the kid will be in danger or they'll say how its going go kill the baby. But you have to realize that if a young girl or woman finds out she's having a baby, it just added so much problems for the victim. She will be unprepared to care for it since she needs to help herself first. It will be such a struggle and stress on her that she cannot cope with until she is emotionally and physically better.

  • They did not ask for it.

    Victims of human trafficking should most definitely have access to free abortion. These victims have been through so much that they shouldn't have to be reminded of what they have been through for nine more months to carry the baby. It should be the victim's choice rather they want to carry it or abort it. Abortion can be argued and debated about as much as people want, but this is different and not fair for someone else to make the decision for the victim because unlike most pregnancy scenarios, these people are victims of human trafficking. They did not ask for any of it because it was forced upon them.

  • After What They've Been Through

    As komododragon8 said, they should be allowed to get a free abortion considering the horrors they had to go through. The woman might not be emotionally or financially secure enough to actually provide for the child so it would only be logical to give them the choice. They deserve the option.

  • They have been through enough pain.

    Any women who got pregnant as a sex slave should be offered a free abortion. They have already been traumatized by their experience and to prevent further pain they should have this access. These reasons go alongside the other reasons for why abortion should be allowed. Also many women who are in this situation are very young and having a baby at that time would be even worse for them.

  • What about the kid?

    The child already has a dad who doesn't care about him or her (probably). Just because you were created in the womb of a prostitute does not mean you deserve any less chance at life.
    There are foster parents begging and paying out big bucks to adopt. The child can find a home. And even if they will stay in an orphanage or destitute, should they then be killed? I'd rather be poor and alive than just dead! We shouldn't mercy kill healthy children because we predict a bleak future.
    In relation to the mother, this is cutting off an opportunity for her. She may not be able to raise the child now, but especially if she is young, she may later want to have a relationship with the child. Just because having the child was not her choice, does not mean she will never love her own child.

  • Other help should be required

    I do feel like that kid deserves a chance into the world but the mother should be able to get some type of help from the government or another person. Regardless of who the father is thats still your child and you should give this child a chance in the world.

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