Should video/computer game stores stop selling rated T and M to minors and ask for ID like alcohol?

Asked by: jaksunmadness
  • There actually have been studies about this whether or not it causes violence.

    People have linked school shootings, bombing(attempted and successful), and other related shootings to violent video games. I actually had/continuing to have a debate similar to this very topic. Check it out if your serious about this. Just so you know the percentile of people playing violent games is 97% of America's male population. I'll let you decide if you think this a good or bad influence on how people act. I also have played these M games. Guilty. This also gives an interesting insight. I know that one of the main defenses for video games is that its not safe to play outside anymore and that it is a social activity. I also know first hand that video games are/can be addicting psychologically and studies have been made to prove it. Look it up if your curious. Personally, I find all these defenses of video games as people trying to find a good reason for something they know can be/is bad but can't think of anything better. I mean seriously. Apart from the fact that you can talk and play with friends what redeeming value do video games have? Almost all M games are M because they are violent and provocative. I don't think this is something good for people to be "learning" about. There are many other things way more redeeming than video games. I know I am preaching to the converted but just think about it. I mean no offense to anyone, just to voice my opinion.

  • How about..... No

    Why would you ban video games? They have no proof that they make you violent, causes bad grades, and makes behavior problems. It would just impact kids/teens who just want to have fun. So unless you have proof it harms you just like alcohol or another age-restricted thing, nope. H

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